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There are a lot of commercial and freemium email clients available in the market, but going with completely free, we will have one name in mind: Mozilla Thunderbird email client. Here in this article, you will learn how to set up your email in Mozilla Thunderbird? 1. Open Thunderbird → Click on the Local Folders → Click on Email. If you have opened the […]

The following instructions have you logging in as admin initially just in case you need to enable the DSN Control option for the user. If the user’s account doesn’t have the MX Records menu in DirectAdmin, you will need to enable this option. Learn, How To Configure Your DirectAdmin Server To Use a Remote Mailserver […]

Gzip compresses the content before serving it to the requested client. Due to the compression of the files, its effectiveness accelerates the website performance to the next level. Learn, How to Enable Apache Gzip Compression (mod_deflate) in DirectAdmin ? How to check Gzip Compression status? Just like for every other apache server, you can use […]

We often have questions about testing for Gzip compression after someone tests their landing page. Gzip is most likely working. The issue is that the landing page comprises several types of data, and .htaccess rules may have only defined certain data to be compressed. If not everything on that landing page is compressed, it may […]

Enabling Gzip compression is one of the starting points of optimizing web pages’ delivery optimally. It also increases website performance and may land your website in the green zone of google page speed insight. Let’s learn, How to Enable Apache Gzip Compression (mod_deflate) in cPanel ? How to check Gzip Compression status? By default, Gzip […]

You might have default restrictions on many factors in a shared hosting environment. You can modify the Max Request / Upload Size limit of DirectAdmin through administrator settings. Let us learn, How to Increase the DirectAdmin File Manager Max Request / Upload Size Limit? 1. First, to login into DirectAdmin control panel visit, or https://IP-address:2222 or https://server-hostname:2222. 2. […]

With the recent influx of cPanel to DirectAdmin migrations, one area of confusion has resulted in PHPMyAdmin access. Let’s clarify the cause of the confusion and a resolution to resolve/prevent it.Until recently with DirectAdmin, PHPMyAdmin access would require a login. This login would require the database user’s credentials (typically found within the site’s configuration file). […]

DirectAdmin has recently released a new feature to allow direct, automatic login into Webmail from within the DirectAdmin interface. One-Click login to any RoundCube account. By default, this option is disabled hence you can not find one-click login option for Webmail, Learn, How To Enable Auto-Login for Webmail in DirectAdmin ? By default this feature […]

With DirectAdmin, you could technically have two different sites for the same domain depending on whether or not you use HTTP or HTTPS. The HTTP site is loaded from public_html, and the HTTPS site is loaded from private_html. If you’ve set up your site with the standard public_html and installed an SSL for your site, […]