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Once our support team migrates hosting accounts from a third-party service provider, you need to update the nameservers. Sometimes, the new hosting provider may lack some features, which might commerce consequences for the website. Best, what if we have a solution to check the website post-migration without updating nameservers or DNS? On every system, you […]

A domain name system, or DNS, is how all of us access websites. It is the system that makes it possible to use URLs instead of numeric IP addresses. This makes it infinitely easier for potential clients to remember and find your site. Sometimes it requires a need to clear DNS Cache. In order for […]

How can I flush my DNS cache on Google’s Public DNS?

Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider. The official page for Google’s Public DNS is located at Google Public DNS Many end-users, as well as servers (VPS/Dedicated), use Google’s Public DNS services as their primary DNS resolvers. Google offers the ability to force flush a domain’s DNS zone records. This allows more […]

If you wish to ensure no changes are being made to websites during a migration, it is best to consider preventing updates on your website and setup some form of maintenance or offline mode. Many¬†CMS¬†applications offer this functionality through use of plugins or a .maintenance file in the document root. By placing the website in […]

Preparing for Migrations

Whether you are just joining KnownHost and migrating from an outside hosting provider, or need to purchase a new server at KnownHost and move accounts within our network, our staff is ready to assist with migrations. Please see our Migration Assistance page for more information on the types of migrations we offer. It is helpful to prepare […]