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How to use

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KnownHost’s dedicated server line supports an abundance of proper Operating Systems but we also know you may need something different or even niche for that one special project. We’re pleased to offer, an easy way to try and install a wide variety of Operating Systems on your dedicated server. Below are instructions on how […]

How to install Imunify360?

After the great success of the CloudLinux OS, which is now being considered the #1 operating system for the shared hosting environment, the CloudLinux team introduced Imunify360 – The all in one security solution for shared server. Licensing Licensing for the Imunify360 is pretty straightforward, and it is based on a number of accounts hosted […]

How to change your VPS root password in KnownHost?

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Many times we forget the password after changing it to something else. In that case, many hosts offer you a password reset solution by contacting them manually through ticket or mail. At KnownHost, we provide the same feature to our customers directly in the billing portal ( Let’s learn how to change your VPS root […]

CloudLinux | Installation & Setup – Part 2

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So far, in the first part, you have learned how to install and configure the CloudLinux OS as per the requirements for your shared server. In this particular part 2, we continue through each of the features CoudLinux offers, such as NodeJS, Python, PHP Selector, etc. PHP Selector PHP selector is one of CloudLinux OS’s […]

CloudLinux | Installation & Setup – Part 1

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CloudLinux is one of the best solutions for securing a shared hosting environment by isolating the file system and keeping the user’s process under the cage. Let’s learn how to set up CloudLinux and configure the CloudLinux properly on the Linux server. Compatibility CloudLinux Shared OS supports most operating systems supported by RHCEL/CentOS except the […]

How to modify the .htaccess file?

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The .htacceess files provide the way to perform the configuration on a per-directory basis. In this article, we will cover how to modify the .htaccess files on cPanel, DirectAdmin, and using SSH. Let’s get started! Using cPanel 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( or 2. Navigate and open Files → File Manager. 3.  Navigate to public_html. […]

What is JetBackup?

JetBackup is a pioneer backup solution in the hosting industry for cPanel & DirectAdmin. Providing the ability to perform local and remote backups to various destinations quickly and efficiently. When it comes to data retention, you want to have a solution that gives the most configuration options possible. Don’t find yourself in a position without backups […]

What is CloudLinux?

You may have heard the term “CloudLinux” in a support ticket or in your own research into different webhosting related products and wondered what exactly is it? CloudLinux is a service that replaces your operating system. Essentially, CloudLinux becomes your new operating system. CloudLinux’s design to make shared web hosting environments more secure. It does […]