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How to change your VPS root password in KnownHost?

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Many times we forget the password after changing it to something else. In that case, many hosts offer you a password reset solution by contacting them manually through ticket or mail. At KnownHost, we provide the same feature to our customers directly in the billing portal ( Let’s learn how to change your VPS root password in KnownHost.

1. First, login into Billing Portal ( with registered email address and password.

enter username and password

2. In the Navigation tray, you can find the option “Services” click on that or you can navigate to Dashboard  Click on Services.

navigate to services knownhost billing portal

3. Locate the VPS  Click on Manage.

click on manage vps to view vps node

4. Navigate to Control Panel.

navigate to control panel of the vps

5. Scroll down a bit, navigate to Settings.

navigate to control panel settings vps root

6. Again, navigate to PasswordEnter the new password.

change password and re-enter new vps root password

7. Finally, click on Change Password.

how to change vps root password in knownhost

8. Congratulations! You have successfully changed the VPS root password.

root password reset confirmation


Now that we’ve gone over it, how to change the VPS root password in KnownHost using the billing portal? This is a life-saving option for end-customer to avoid reinstallation of VPS when they lose the root password.

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