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How to Submit a Ticket

With the new system, the support portal is integrated into your account. There’s no longer a need for two separate URLs or interfaces for KnownHost services – everything is now in one convenient location. This streamlines your experience, reducing confusion and eliminating the need for multiple logins. Accessing your Tickets To access your tickets, you’ll want […]

How to Manage Users on Accounts

We’ll be going over how to add/invite new ‘managers’ into your account as well as explaining what the differences are between Managers and Added Contacts with the permissions available to them. This feature will allow users who resell and/or provide services direct to their customers the ability to manage their customers and their customers helpdesk […]

ConfigServer Security & Firewall is the most commonly used software firewall in a shared hosting environment. Due to multiple failed login attempts for shared hosting accounts, users get temporarily blocked in the CSF firewall and encounters the warning message. Learn, how to unblock yourself from CSF on Shared/Reseller services. First, you try to access the […]

What is JetBackup?

JetBackup is a pioneer backup solution in the hosting industry for cPanel & DirectAdmin. Providing the ability to perform local and remote backups to various destinations quickly and efficiently. When it comes to data retention, you want to have a solution that gives the most configuration options possible. Don’t find yourself in a position without backups […]

What is CloudLinux?

You may have heard the term “CloudLinux” in a support ticket or in your own research into different webhosting related products and wondered what exactly is it? CloudLinux is a service that replaces your operating system. Essentially, CloudLinux becomes your new operating system. CloudLinux’s design to make shared web hosting environments more secure. It does […]

How to connect with SSH?

If you’re looking to manage Linux operating system-based machines remotely, you can take the help of SSH protocol like we do RDP for Windows-based machines. In this article, we will be covering multiple platforms and a guide on how to connect with SSH? Windows For the Windows operating system, we don’t have a direct application […]

Registering Nameservers (Glue Records)

Nameserver registration is required prior to nameservers being actually used. This is known as “Glue Records” as registering an IP to a specific nameserver/hostname tells the domain registrar where that nameserver should be looking to handle DNS requests. Here are some of the circumstances where new nameservers might be created: If you have recently migrated […]

Reseller Hosting Overview

At KnownHost, we’re not only here just to provide a webhosting package. We’re here to assist you as your Managed Provider in your endeavors. As such, should you ever need assistance you can always contact us. However, we know that there are times where you really just want to be able to do it yourself. […]

How can I perform a traceroute?

There are many troubleshooting utilities available over the internet to identify the issues related to the network. For example, PING, using the ping utility, you can check the host’s availability and determine the latency of the destination from the local system. Traceroute is one of the popular command-line utilities used to determine the network path to reach the destination […]