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Introduction to LiteSpeed

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LiteSpeed is an enterprise web server solution offered to accelerate web application performance. Traditional Apache server is ruling the market due to their open-source availability and community support. Still, LiteSpeed is the competitive web server available in the market, estimated to be used by approximately 10% of websites as per July 2021 data (Source: Wikipedia). […]

PHP Handlers and what they are

The Basics Let’s talk about PHP Handlers, we’ll be going over Apache’s many different available PHP Handlers. We’ll explain what each one is, what its best at doing, and any pros and cons regarding that handler. Our wish is that this guide provides you with helpful information which is informative for you so that you […]

.htaccess redirects and rewrite rules

Requirements: This requires the mod_rewrite module in apache. This is enabled by default on all KnownHost systems. .htaccess files can be used in a website’s document root directory (ex. /home/user/public_html/) for redirecting web site visitors from one document within your web site to another. .htaccess rules are recursive meaning that rules written in /home/user/public_html/.htaccess will apply […]

What is Error Code 500 on my server?

When your server, whether dedicated or VPS, is throwing Error Code 500, there’s a misconfiguration issue that’s stopping the normal 200 Success messages you’d love to be seeing instead. Some 500 errors can be caused by the webserver itself due to invalid lines in say .htaccess. Other times, 500 errors can be caused by broken […]

There are several software license addons that we offer at discounted prices for customers’ convenience. Below is some information about some of these software license addons. Click the software license addon to expand for additional details and eligible services. **Pricing subject to change, if any errors contact us and we’ll correct it. 🙂 LiteSpeed Webserver […]