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Why You Are The Ultimate Website Security Attack Vector

Updated October 11, 2018   Putting in place sufficient measures to protect your website electronically is an oft-overlooked, critical component in protecting your website – but YOU are the largest risk factor when it comes to your site being compromised.   Read on to find out about common attack vectors, what you can do to avoid being a victim, and how a heaping helping of common sense is the best recommendation we can make!     Popular Attack Vectors   […]

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3 Reasons Rank Checkers Don’t Work

Updated September 21, 2018   Ever wonder why your rank checker fails, gives erratic results or is totally un-trustworthy?  Google rank checking can be a pain, since 99% of the time Google is doing what it can to stop rank checkers from working – after all they’re scraping results and not buying data from Google directly!   Top of page 1 search rankings are crucial in the digital marketing world, and their significance cannot be underrated. Research has shown that […]

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10 Free WordPress eCommerce Themes to Boost Sales

Updated August 22, 2018   Check out these 10 free WordPress ecommerce themes and use them to boost sales as you propel your business ahead of the competition.  Each is attractive, effective and FREE – so what are you waiting for?   Creating a well-designed eCommerce website takes a lot of effort, time, research and knowledge. But the variety of free WordPress eCommerce themes available will make your job easier than ever before. WordPress powers over 25% of websites today […]

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