Updated March 3, 2021 Fixing the Present A large percentage of websites have issues that are preventing otherwise wonderful content from achieving the best possible results. These issues range from duplicate content to thin pages without substance, as well as unoptimized SEO where basic best practices have been overlooked or mishandled. It’s all too common […]

Updated February 3, 2021 Website, or browser, push notifications can be a powerful tool for site owners looking to enhance communication with their site visitors. Read on to learn more about notifications, including the potential benefits and risks associated with using them on your website. Types of Notifications The primary categories of notifications are either […]

Updated February 2, 2021 Want to be a more effective JavaScript developer, without jumping through a million hoops? Then take on board these tips to get your code in shape. A few minutes. A few tips. That’s all it takes to make your development work more effective. Document Document Document When it comes to JS […]

Updated January 20, 2021 Why Consider a Google Analytics Alternative In choosing a website analytics solution for tracking visitor behavior, page popularity, campaign activity, traffic sources and events, it’s often a foregone conclusion that site owners will opt for Google Analytics, just because of market share and the fact that it’s a free solution. Over […]