ddos protection

DDoS Protection Resources from KnownHost

Updated December 10, 2018   With these KnownHost DDoS protection resources, you’ll understand everything from the fundamentals of what DDoS means, to how DDoS attacks work, determining if you’re being hit with a DDoS attack, why hackers bother, how you can prevent DDoS attacks and what KnownHost DDoS protection can do for you and your website.   DDoS Protection Resources   DDoS Meaning – What does DDoS mean exactly?   On the KnownHost wiki, we give a quick overview explaining […]

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magento profits

3 Keys for Magento Success

Updated December 5, 2018   The 3 keys to Magento success boil down to a few basic hosting requirements that must be met, and a few that optionally should be considered, if you plan on outpacing your ecommerce competitors.  A few simple rules to live can help you steer the murky waters of choosing the right hosting.   Fundamentals for Magento Success   Running a profitable ecommerce site, Magento in particular, boils down to a few fundamental principles that must […]

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Cut Ads to Increase Conversions

Update November 26, 2018   Improving your online business performance can most easily be achieved through improving your conversion rate – and this can be tuned for success by eliminating distracting advertisements.   Revenue Streams   Website owners love to come up with creative ways to increase their revenue.  Maybe you’ve tried running advertisements for other businesses or including Adsense (or other networks), knowing that one might pay you a few hundred dollars per year and the other might generate […]

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wordcamp orlando 2018

WordCamp Orlando November 2018

Updated November 15, 2018   WordCamp Orlando November 2018     KnownHost proudly participated as sponsors, and by attending, the WordPress WordCamp Orlando, November 9th – 11th, 2018.  This update is courtesy of Mickey Trivett, the KnownHost Chief Happiness Officer.   Over the last few months, I attended WordCamp Baltimore and WordCamp Philly but this week I got the chance to go get some SUN! Yup, I got to go to Orlando, Florida and see what WordCamp Orlando was all […]

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