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Updated September 2, 2020 Every website is powered by a web server and most developers routinely choose to go with Apache for its commonality. However, at KnownHost, we take advantage of the industry-leading, fully customizable web server option – LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed’s objectives include; having the fastest built-in cache, intelligence + optimization, and complete acceleration. Having […]

Updated September 2, 2020 Objective Making sure your website is polished for your customers (and potential customers) takes effort and strategy. We all wish it was as simple as clicking a few buttons to make sure everything is optimized for perfection, and that our SEO rankings automatically took first place, but unfortunately that’s not how […]

Updated September 2, 2020 Overview ‘Exactly how long does an average person wait for a website to load? As time goes by, people wait less and less before bouncing. Website optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of owning a website. Optimization matters for SEO, user experience, audience engagement, demand generation, conversations and profitability. […]

Updated August 14, 2020 Although cPanel and Plesk have long dominated the hosting control panel market, DirectAdmin is a serious competitor that’s attractively priced and easy to use. Read on to learn more about DirectAdmin features, cost, pros and cons, and why you should consider it for your hosting account. Control panels are graphic web […]

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