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Boost Sales with Surprising Pay Per Click (PPC) Techniques

Updated July 26, 2018   Boost sales with these rarely shared pay per click marketing techniques proven through years of testing and real-world application in how to increase sales online by using PPC advertising to improve your sales funnel and post-visit follow-through.  PPC can be used for much more than simple convert-or-die propositions.  Read on to find out how…   Traditional PPC   Since the advent of pay per click advertising, networks such as Google’s search network + content/display network […]

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Use These 6 Principles of Content Marketing Physics to Outpace the Competition

Updated July 16, 2018   Understanding content marketing by simply comparing it to something we’ve all studied in school – physics.  We’re not talking quantum physics, membrane theory or folding space… Just a straightforward way of coming to grips with content marketing by way of familiar physics basic concepts.   What is Content Marketing?   At its core, content marketing is nothing more than producing words that others will discover (and find interesting).  The hope is that through sharing informative, […]

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The Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Updated July 4, 2018   Your first foray as a small business owner into the world wide web can be a daunting one. Finding the best web hosting service for your small business needs is the ideal way to get started.   Here at KnownHost, we know that security is top of mind, as is cost. We’ve got your back. Our expertise combines great service with a range of affordable management options, depending on how much hand-holding makes sense to […]

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New Income Stream – Self Hosted Ad Server

Updated April 5, 2018   Installing your own self-hosted ad server can unlock new income streams you never thought possible.  With the ease and convenience of Softaculous 1-click installs, putting your own ad server online can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.   With mobile being more than 50% of internet advertising, and over 20% year on year increases in ad spend, there’s a ton of space in the market for additional ad servers and networks – even one […]

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