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Use These 6 Principles of Content Marketing Physics to Outpace the Competition

Updated July 16, 2018   Understanding content marketing by simply comparing it to something we’ve all studied in school – physics.  We’re not talking quantum physics, membrane theory or folding space… Just a straightforward way of coming to grips with content marketing by way of familiar physics basic concepts.   What is Content Marketing?   At its core, content marketing is nothing more than producing words that others will discover (and find interesting).  The hope is that through sharing informative, […]

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Smart Marketer’s Guide to Web Hosting

Updated June 12, 2018     Smart Marketer’s Guide to Hosting 2018     Index of What’s Included Executive Summary The Real Objective of Marketing Reach Acquisition Retention Conversion The Science Behind Hosting for Marketers Hosting Features That Matter Most to Marketers Specs Cost Performance Dependability Management Support Marketing Measures Influenced by Hosting Decisions Rankings Traffic Conversions Repeat Business Trust Uptime Uncovering Bugbears Blacklisted Emails Search RankingsPenalized Terrible User Experience About KnownHost Executive Summary   Discover all the ways hosting […]

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Tap in to LinkedIn Contact Data and Ignite Your Prospecting

Updated April 12, 2018   Learn how to massively increase your prospecting database by using LinkedIn contact data – including advanced filters that let you target based on company size, industry, job role, and much more.  A modest monthly investment can help you add hundreds of suspects to your database each day so that you can quickly build your marketing and sales funnels.  LinkedIn data mining doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive.     Please note that […]

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27 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Sell More Stuff

Updated March 2, 2018     Discover 27 ways to reduce bounce rate – the easiest ways to improve visitor engagement, better organic search rankings, attracting more traffic and ultimately converting more visitors into paying customers.   Your website’s bounce rate is a measure that tells Google, and you as the site owner, what percentage of visitors immediately leave the site after seeing just the one page they landed on.  Having a low bounce rate is good, while a high bounce […]

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