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Semi Dedicated Hosting

Powerful Semi Dedicated Web Hosting

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

The Basic package provides VPS-like resources to get you started or help further expand your offerings for future growth.

  • check mark 2 Core vCPU Processor
  • check mark 2 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • check mark 50 GB Cloud Storage Space
  • check mark 50 cPanel Accounts
  • check mark 1 IPv4 Addresses
  • check mark IPv6 Included
  • check mark LiteSpeed Included
  • check mark Free SSL Certificates
  • check mark cPanel/WHM

Starting At $35.00/mo

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

The Standard package provides a decent bump in provided resources allowing for even further growth.

  • check mark 3 Core vCPU Processor
  • check mark 4 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • check mark 100 GB Cloud Storage Space
  • check mark 75 cPanel Accounts
  • check mark 1 IPv4 Addresses
  • check mark IPv6 Included
  • check mark LiteSpeed Included
  • check mark Free SSL Certificates
  • check mark cPanel/WHM

Starting At $55.00/mo

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Our recommended package for this tier. The Professional package provides a large chunk of resources to help facilitate the growth and performance needs of websites under it.

  • check mark 4 Core vCPU Processor
  • check mark 6 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • check mark 150 GB Cloud Storage Space
  • check mark 125 cPanel Accounts
  • check mark 1 IPv4 Addresses
  • check mark IPv6 Included
  • check mark LiteSpeed Included
  • check mark Free SSL Certificates
  • check mark cPanel/WHM

Starting At $70.00/mo

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Our highest offering. The Premium package provides the most resources we have to offer to maximize performance.

  • check mark 6 Core vCPU Processor
  • check mark 8 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • check mark 200 GB Cloud Storage Space
  • check mark 175 cPanel Accounts
  • check mark 1 IPv4 Addresses
  • check mark IPv6 Included
  • check mark LiteSpeed Included
  • check mark Free SSL Certificates
  • check mark cPanel/WHM

Starting At $90.00/mo

Just The Basics.

Our Semi-Dedicated Hosting Plans are the perfect option to consider after you’ve outgrown your Shared or Reseller plan, but before upgrading to a VPS. If your site has a high inflow of visitors and your reseller or shared hosting plan is not able to keep up with it, a Semi-Dedicated Plan is the best option without the price tag of a VPS! Get the same quality hosting with even MORE RAM and disk space for your site. Thanks to a world-class managed support team, you can enjoy 24/7/365 semi dedicated hosting with peace of mind.

  • check mark 99.99% Proven Uptime
  • check mark 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • check mark Instant FREE Setup
  • check mark Hosting that's Highly Scalable
  • check mark Ultra-High Performance
  • check mark We've Been In Business Since 2006

Compare Semi Dedicated Hosting

We know some like the finer details; so check out the specifications between packages with our comparison page!

Compare Semi Dedicated Hosting

The More Technical Stuff.

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Enterprise Hardware means Enterprise Performance

All of our plans feature lightning fast NVMe storage, so our customers are unquestionably getting the fastest drives possible. We use redundant arrays so they work in tandem with one another, giving you peak performance and reliability day and night.

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Enterprise-grade hosting gives your business an edge.

If you're a geek, we're sorry, but we know you won't be able to avoid drooling when looking at the high-end components we used to create your server - it's a cutting edge tech dream.

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Fully managed expert support 24/7/365 - the best.

Alabama (USA) based expert support and server management teams with rapid initial support response are like an extended part of your company - we're here to help.

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Backups? We have you covered!

Fully automated daily backup system takes a snapshot of your account, stores it off-server in case of disaster and can be deployed whenever they're required. We include backups as standard, because who on earth would want to have a website that didn't include backup protection. If our standard backups aren't enough, we sell enhanced backups as well!

5 Circle

Moving from another Provider? We'll migrate you!

Do you need assistance migrating your websites over from another hosting provider? KnownHost has you covered, let our migrations team handle the task for you. Most migrations can be performed free of charge. For more information check out our migration assistance page.

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No Root? No Problem.

Our Semi Dedicated Hosting plans do not include root access but they are backed by our lightning fast 24/7/365 support and monitoring to ensure that your website is always online. At KnownHost We Know Hosting so let us take care of the server so you can focus on the website.

7 Circle

Isolated Resources and Enterprise Software equals unparalleled performance.

All resources provisioned to our Semi Dedicated Hosting packages are isolated and dedicated for your usage. Coupled with Enterprise grade software such as LiteSpeed/LSCache, CloudLinux and Imunify360 to name a few we provide guaranteed performance with our packages, allowing you to focus on what's important.

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Need More Information About This
Hosting Option?

KnownHost’s Semi-Dedicated Hosting is the perfect middle-ground solution when you've outgrown the resources available in your Shared/Reseller Hosting account, but you're not quite ready for the cost and/or the resources included with VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting.

Don’t worry - outgrowing your Shared/Reseller Hosting account is not a bad thing! In fact you should look at it as a positive. It means your site is growing and it is a sign of being successful. What can be stressful however is choosing the next hosting solution that will power your site. Migrations because of growth are common at KnownHost, so we planned for this situation and have the systems in place to make it happen fast and without fail.

A Reseller service provides you with resources to be utilized for a wide array of accounts. Using this space for anything such as content management systems, email hosting or more. However, these resources are eventually only so high which limits the amount of growth that can occur with Reseller. That's where Semi-Dedicated comes in.

Semi-Dedicated provides a larger swath of resources providing even further scaling then what a Reseller is able to offer. In tandem with this, you're provided a Dedicated IPv4 address for all of your accounts to be under. This is especially useful for mailing purposes as your email reputation becomes yours alone rather then sharing an IP with everyone else like on a Reseller.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting gives you VPS-like resources with none of the hassle of actually handling a VPS. With these packages, we can provide you with the resources of a VPS combined with the software we use on our services such as Litespeed, Imunify 360 and more -- all at no additional cost to you.

This allows you to focus on your websites, business and/or whatever application platform you have running on our services. Get the best of the best with our Semi-Dedicated Hosting.

We sure do. Upgrading your package to a higher package can be done through the 'My KnownHost' portal. There's no downtime involved. We provide seamless transition between packages of the same service.

Should you require assistance, we recommend contacting our Billing Department!

Semi-Dedicated hosting is sold without branding to provide a white-label service. This allows you to sell our services as your services without any mention of KnownHost!

Should you find yourself outgrowing Semi-Dedicated Hosting, have no worries! KnownHost provides many other solutions that can be used to move your service over too. With our skilled migration specialists we can assist and handle moving you and your customers websites to another service with as little downtime as possible.