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3 Keys for Magento Success

Updated December 5, 2018   The 3 keys to Magento success boil down to a few basic hosting requirements that must be met, and a few that optionally should be considered, if you plan on outpacing your ecommerce competitors.  A few simple rules to live can help you steer the murky waters of choosing the right hosting.   Fundamentals for Magento Success   Running a profitable ecommerce site, Magento in particular, boils down to a few fundamental principles that must […]

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5 Myths That Say Your Small Business Doesn’t Need a Customized ERP System

Updated August 20, 2018   Whoever said small businesses won’t benefit from a custom ERP system hasn’t ever used to right one(s).  Find out more as we debunk the top 5 myths surrounding small business and the benefits of customized ERP systems.   Running a small business in today’s hyper-competitive marketspace is certainly challenging and complex – it may seem that multiple tasks need to be handled at the same time. Small business owners and entrepreneurs definitely need all the […]

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Magento Hosting Requirements and Recommendations

Updated January 3, 2018   Find out exactly what are the hosting requirements for Magento as well as Magento hosting recommendations from the experts at KnownHost.   Magento is a flexible open source eCommerce platform that provides businesses of all sizes with an online store and shopping cart. It includes tools for customizing the online store’s: appearance content catalogue functionality It also includes tools for marketing, analytics, and search engine optimization. Magento powers over 360,000 live online stores, according to […]

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