WordPress Security And Vulnerabilities

WordPress can be useful tool when creating your own website. However, many WordPress sites contain vulnerabilities that can be dangerous for both you and your users. In this blog, KnownHost will discuss the importance of WordPress security, common issues, and how to address them.

Why WordPress Security Is Important

Security is a very important part of any website, especially when it comes to the safety of you or your users. To maintain this secure online presence, you must be aware of potential security issues and how to resolve them. This will allow you to keep your website and data safe from hackers and their destructive software.

Importance of Hosting

Maintaining the safety of your site can be difficult on your own. Thankfully, your hosting provider can assist you with some of the WordPress security. They may provide services like malware scanning, threat detection, and secure hosting to fight against DOS and DDOS attacks.

KnownHost offers fully managed WordPress Hosting to meet your website objectives and security needs.

Common WordPress Security Issues

WordPress can become vulnerable to hackers from the simplest things like outdated software, themes, and plugins. Hackers can be pretty crafty with their different methods of infiltrating into your system to steal data. They can use unauthorized logins to plant malware and even skim credit card information from your customers. Other methods may include spam, phishing, and malicious code to redirect, steal and corrupt data from both you and your users.

How To Resolve These Security Issues

With most vulnerabilities coming from outdated applications, the simplest way to resolve some security issues is to make sure you are regularly updating everything. This means that you will be using the newest and most secure version of WordPress applications.

Another way to ensure better protection of your site is to use strong passwords and two factor authentication so that it’s harder for hackers to get through. Other methods of protection include firewalls, regular backups, security plugins, threat detection, and malware scanning.

Overall, protection of your WordPress site is very important for both you and your users. So make sure you take the proper measures to ensure the safety of your online presence.