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DNS System, Server and Security Explained

Updated January 17, 2018   Securing your company presence online includes DNS security (securing the domain name system (DNS) servers serving you and DNS records about you).  Understanding how DNS works and what role servers and records play in your security is a great first step to keeping your site and email safe online.   A domain name server, or DNS server, is the first point of contact between potential web clients and the sites they connect to, in order […]

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Small Business Email Hosting

Updated January 9, 2018   Small business email hosting, and web hosting, are critical systems for conducting business – which must be dependable or else profits are at risk.  Consider your web hosting provider to be your partner, or helper, in making a profit – because they keep your web and email systems online, so that you can conduct business with those who matter, without interruption.   If you are a bit more technical than the average small business website […]

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The Importance of Keeping WordPress Up to Date

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system (CMS), and powers roughly 25 percent of all the websites on the internet, from personal blogs to Forbes and the BBC. It’s popular because of the combination of simple functionality and complex capabilities. Its widespread use is enabled by plugins, widgets and themes created by a robust community of developers. These add-ons are easily integrated by WordPress users to customize their sites for their specific needs.   The strength of WordPress also […]

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Explaining a DDoS Attack to Your Customers

How to Write an Email to Your Customers Explaining a DDoS Attack (and Why You Won’t Have to if You Choose a Host With DDoS Protection)

Unplanned outages cost the average data center $8851 per minute. That is an expensive minute. Given how huge that number already is, you don’t want the situation to become even more expensive because your customers don’t feel that they are in the loop. Acting quickly and getting out a careful, conscientious, and informative email to your customers can help you retain their business. In fact, it can even end up becoming a positive (although don’t count on it – as […]

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