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Content Marketing Myths to Avoid

Updated January 16, 2018   Content marketing myths are often hidden behind best practices, recommended guidelines and intuition.  They’re often slippery slopes that, once tread, result in daily habits that are counter-productive.   Learn from the school of hard knocks, or listen to a bit of sagely advice from marketers who have lived and learned first hand.  Avoiding costly content marketing myths can save you many hours of effort and frustration.

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Ideas for Ecommerce Pros

7 Blogs with Great Ideas for Ecommerce Professionals

This article addresses a search that every thoughtful person working in the e-commerce industry must perform: finding the most valuable blogs or informational sources that deserve their attention. Here are a few that have strong insights and are often mentioned in the industry.   The problem with the internet is that everyone is trying to sell you something. It’s, of course, a funny thing to say in an e-commerce-related blog, but we all know it to be true: we go […]

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Do You Really Want That Public? – What You Should Keep off Your Company’s Blog.

Your company’s blog is your only platform where you can literally say whatever you want to your target audience on. And that means you have to get things right when you are posting on that platform, which this guide is going to provide you with some more guidance on. There are some things you need to keep private, though. See Also: Creating Catchy Blog Content – 10 Rules of Engagement Why Shouldn’t You Speak Freely? The reason why you shouldn’t […]

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6 Guaranteed Methods to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Your social content strategy will ensure that you drive traffic to your content, and subsequently your website. But your strategy must revolve around the key marketing metrics. This guide will demonstrate the key metrics that you need to take into account when defining your social content strategy. See Also: How YouTube Connect Could Impact Your Business 1.      Keyword Traffic Keyword traffic will give you an idea of how your audience is finding your content and what they want to find. […]

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