Free Hosting – Your Business Deserves Better

Updated August 20, 2018   Only after feeling the pain of enduring free hosting do most people realize the incredible price they’ve paid to have no monthly hosting bill.  Find out the top 3 risks you’ll face in choosing free hosting.  Or perhaps you’ll decide that a few dollars a month isn’t too high a price to pay for quality managed hosting!   In the last two decades, the internet has exploded with new sites. Literally millions of websites have […]

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photographer holding camera

To Host or Not To Host That is the Image Hosting Question

Updated August 14, 2018   Image hosting isn’t right for everyone.  In fact, it’s completely wrong for some.  Knowing whether or not you want to host your own images boils down to a few simple decisions.  This post answers the question – to host or not to host your own images?  Image hosting pro’s and con’s could fill a bookshelf, but the below are the essence of why most people go down one route or the other.   Image hosting […]

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dedicated server features

10 Absolute Must-Have Features of Dedicated Servers

Updated August 9, 2018   Avoid making a boneheaded business decision by making sure your next hosting choice absolutely includes these top 10 must-have dedicated server features.   Dedicated servers offer a whole host of benefits over shared servers. By being able to handle large volumes of website traffic or host high resource-intensive applications, a dedicated server allows you and your end users to experience excellent quality and speed without resources being diverted away to other needs.   However, once […]

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scary doll

Memorable Quotes from Hosting Horror Stories – Part 2

Updated June 1, 2018   They say misery loves company, though when it comes to these memorable quotes of Hosting Horror Stories, I think we’d all rather just give those bad experiences a Matrix-style body swerve.   This is the 2nd part of a multi-part series of Hosting Horror Stories.  For some corkers, check out Part 1 of the series.   KnownHost, and the author, hate to hear about people having problems with their hosting – but are on hand […]

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