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Updated September 2, 2020 Every website is powered by a web server and most developers routinely choose to go with Apache for its commonality. However, at KnownHost, we take advantage of the industry-leading, fully customizable web server option – LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed’s objectives include; having the fastest built-in cache, intelligence + optimization, and complete acceleration. Having […]

Updated September 2, 2020 Test Server – Overview As your company grows, so should your Web server. As soon as you see this business “growth spurt” you should begin using more advanced technologies and third-party applications on your Web server. While growth is exciting, this means your website code will become more substantial, making errors […]

Updated September 2, 2020 Objective Making sure your website is polished for your customers (and potential customers) takes effort and strategy. We all wish it was as simple as clicking a few buttons to make sure everything is optimized for perfection, and that our SEO rankings automatically took first place, but unfortunately that’s not how […]

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