Updated February 20, 2020   Moving one website from an old host to new one can be a pain.  Moving 10 can be torture.  Make use of free migration assistance to save your time (and keep your peace of mind) in moving your site(s).  If you’ve never done it before – you’re in the minority.  […]

Updated February 24, 2020   We’ve covered a multitude of topics within the hosting world, but it’s time we cover the basics for the creative minds that may not know what hosting is just yet. Through this article, you will learn what hosting is and if you need it for your upcoming online project!   […]

Updated September 12, 2019     You’ve put minutes, hours and even days into building the perfect website for your brand. You’ve picked out the best photos, the most compelling content, and the greatest color scheme. And yet you’re not quite getting the site traffic you expected. Your website seems perfect to you, but does […]

Updated July 8, 2019   At KnownHost, we know that growth is inevitable. When your website gains popularity and starts receiving a significant amount of traffic, your hosting plan should also grow with it to accommodate growing business needs. At this stage, it’s vital to track the increasing traffic inflow, evaluate the current resource, and […]

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