Updated May 21, 2019   Website loading times are the most critical hosting factor, period.  Page speed matters for SEO, user experience, audience engagement, demand generation, conversions and profitability.  Read on to see how well the author website (personal) does with KnownHost inexpensive reseller hosting.   When you’ve got multiple domains to host, want them […]

Updated May 9, 2019   If your target audience is in Europe, then centrally located, Tier-1 datacenter-based, KnownHost fully managed Netherlands (Holland) hosting is ideal for you.  Geolocating your website server near your largest pool of visitors can improve loading speeds, boost website rankings and help you sell more stuff.   Though there are many […]

Updated May 8, 2019   Do you need a dedicated IP address?  If you’re looking to avoid being labeled a spammer, increase your email inboxing rates, improve your Google search rankings, or get a high-trust SSL certificate – then, yes, you need a dedicated IP address.   IP addresses are used in SSL certificates, an […]