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Why You Are The Ultimate Website Security Attack Vector

Updated October 11, 2018   Putting in place sufficient measures to protect your website electronically is an oft-overlooked, critical component in protecting your website – but YOU are the largest risk factor when it comes to your site being compromised.   Read on to find out about common attack vectors, what you can do to avoid being a victim, and how a heaping helping of common sense is the best recommendation we can make!     Popular Attack Vectors   […]

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CPanel AutoSSL Removes Another Admin Worry

Updated January 8, 2018 cPanel AutoSSL could be the safety net between your website functioning very well and it only being seen by half your expected audience of visitors.  Learn more about how cPanel AutoSSL can save you time and money.   Recent research shows that nearly half of visitors who come to sites and find errors or expired SSL certificates will leave immediately.  Because trust is so important to online shoppers, leading browsers. Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer have […]

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Maximize Uptime With KernelCare

  Your server has a core system, known as kernel, that holds together all the other software running on that machine.  It must be updated regularly, which used to mean that your server needs rebooted frequently, to make those updates happen.  Those days of kernel update reboots are gone, thanks to KernelCare.  You can now maximize uptime with an inexpensive add-on to your server.   For those without KernelCare, rebooting the kernel (system) causes downtime, which is expensive and inconvenient. […]

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What’s Scaring System Administrators this Halloween Season?

Just like Halloween costumes that may have showed up on your doorstep this week, the top frights each year for system administrators are a combination of classics and newer threats. For the Halloween 2017 season, one of the scariest things in IT security is ransomware, whose attacks have increased in frequency, effectiveness, and in the public’s awareness of them. Ransomware is a type of malware which blocks computer users’ access to their own content, and demands payment in return for […]

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