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VPS Discount & VPS Coupon Promo Codes for Summer 2018

Updated July 12, 2018   Attention savvy shoppers, here’s a KnownHost blog exclusive – VPS discount and VPS coupon codes for this summer of 2018.  Save anywhere from 30% to 50% on selected hosting solutions now, including shared, cloud and virtual private servers.   All plans offered by KnownHost are 100% fully managed.  That means you’re not going to get an unconfigured server and left to figure out everything on your own!  Security, backups, migrations, DDoS protection – all come […]

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The Death of Unmanaged Hosting

Updated June 22, 2018   2018 marks the beginning of the end for unmanaged hosting, a much maligned, oft slated, and widely used choice for hosting websites small and large.  The death of unmanaged hosting is seen as a welcome relief for those who have suffered along, enduring endless support queues plus been puzzled at out of resource warnings and inexplicable 404’s.  Its time has come, as it moves ever closer to its final timeout.     A Long Strange […]

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Blog Trends – Spring 2018

Updated April 10, 2018   Understanding what’s hot and what’s not can greatly influence your decision about blogging software.  Read on to see which freely available blogging platforms are winners and which are pretenders.  Get the latest scoop on the Google search trends around these popular blogs.   Note:  Images relate to Google Trends data as of April 2018.  Data represented is wholly owned by Google, all rights reserved and attributed to Google as the source.  The author makes no […]

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8 Tips for Selecting the Right ERP System for Your Business

Updated March 28, 2018   Choosing the right ERP hosting begins with choosing the right ERP system, the cornerstone of your business operations.   Enterprise Resource Planning software, abbreviated as ERP, is deployed to automate and computerize the core processes, functions, flows and systems of a business by streamlining all these into a comprehensive process.  Making the flow of information and management of the business much more convenient, ERP system selection is a critical business decision.   Read on to […]

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