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What’s a Semi Dedicated Server (Virtual Dedicated Server)?

Updated May 31, 2018   Find out the differences between a semi dedicated server, virtual dedicated server (VDS) and full dedicated server, with clear explanation from the #1 virtual server hosting team in the world KnownHost.   What is a Dedicated Server?   A dedicated server, also known as a fully dedicated server, means an entire server hardware unit is purposed for use by a single customer.   In other words, one spot on the server rack has a server, […]

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Things to Remember When Choosing a Domain Hosting Provider

Updated May 2, 2018   How to Choose a Domain Hosting Provider     Choose the right domain hosting provider by understanding the key differences that will help you decide on which one is right for you.  Questions asked and answered will help you decide right, the first time.   Most business owners know the importance of creating high quality online content and they have finally begun to understand that in order to take their business to greater heights, they […]

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Bulk Bucket Hosting vs Tailored Managed Hosting

Updated April 23, 2018   Choosing between bulk bucket hosting and tailored managed hosting solutions can make or break your business. Making the wrong choice can expose you to massive risks that are capable of putting you out of business (and exposing your critical data to the world).     What is Bulk Bucket Hosting?   Much like buying bulk dog food, bulk bucket hosting is cheap and sometimes cheerful. Bring your own bags and shovel to get it at […]

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What is the Difference Between Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing SaaS?

Updated April 20, 2018   Read on for a brief, simple, explanation of the differences between cloud hosting, cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS).  Find out how these three fit together and how they are similar yet different in a few minute read of this blog post.     What is Cloud?   The term ‘cloud’ simply refers to a distribution of resources.  There can be ‘cloud’ anything – so long as the resources are spread amongst multiple […]

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