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Bulk Bucket Hosting vs Tailored Managed Hosting

Updated April 23, 2018   Choosing between bulk bucket hosting and tailored managed hosting solutions can make or break your business. Making the wrong choice can expose you to massive risks that are capable of putting you out of business (and exposing your critical data to the world).     What is Bulk Bucket Hosting?   Much like buying bulk dog food, bulk bucket hosting is cheap and sometimes cheerful. Bring your own bags and shovel to get it at […]

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What is the Difference Between Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing SaaS?

Updated April 20, 2018   Read on for a brief, simple, explanation of the differences between cloud hosting, cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS).  Find out how these three fit together and how they are similar yet different in a few minute read of this blog post.     What is Cloud?   The term ‘cloud’ simply refers to a distribution of resources.  There can be ‘cloud’ anything – so long as the resources are spread amongst multiple […]

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What is KVM?

Updated April 18, 2018   Go from curious to well-versed by learning what you need to know about Kernel-based Virtual Machine / KVM technology and how it functions as a layer between the server hardware and operating system plus applications, a hypervisor process.  Want to know the facts on what is KVM?  Read on!     Basic Basics   Virtualization – the idea of making server hardware appear to be wholly tied to a single operating system install, when in […]

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Introducing the KnownHost Wiki

Updated April 11, 2018   An incredible reference resource for hosting information, the KnownHost Wiki is a well organized, highly detailed, yet easy to read resource, with 300+ pages, for those who have questions, problems or just want to expand their knowledge of hosting and how to get more done.   5GB SSD Shared Cloud Storage from $3 a Month –, Shared Cloud Plans with Amazing Support!   According to Wikipedia (the ultimate general wiki): A wiki (/?w?ki/ (About […]

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