Avoid Slow Site Disasters with High Performance Hosting

Updated January 18, 2018 Learn 6 reasons to choose high performance hosting, because your website must be as fast, or faster, than the competition, if you want to compete online.  In the immortal words of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Top Gun), “I feel the need, the need for speed!”.       Speed is Essential   A few years ago, many people weren’t watching IP-based television and movies, though the recent growth of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other entertainment video streaming […]

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DNS System, Server and Security Explained

Updated January 17, 2018   Securing your company presence online includes DNS security (securing the domain name system (DNS) servers serving you and DNS records about you).  Understanding how DNS works and what role servers and records play in your security is a great first step to keeping your site and email safe online.   A domain name server, or DNS server, is the first point of contact between potential web clients and the sites they connect to, in order […]

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99.9% Uptime Guarantee Explained

Updated January 10, 2018   Website downtime is not just about losing money – it’s about losing the trust of your customers and prospects alike.  Having downtime today can lead to more bad things than you can imagine!   There are many potential causes of website downtime. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can be impressive and newsworthy, and hardware failures are inevitable, though they can be limited (as will be explored below). Human error or misconfiguration is a significantly […]

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Choosing the Right Dedicated Game Server Hosting

Updated January 4, 2018   Choosing the right dedicated game server hosting requires nearly as much skill as earning a reputation as a sweaty try-hard does!  Read on the learn a bit more about choosing the right hosting for your game server.   The popularity of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming has exploded with advances in broadband technology and the games themselves. Many games place heavy demands on the server, however, and a player remote-hosting the game often has lower […]

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