Updated March 11, 2019   Speed impacts your website success in several ways and knowing how to get the most site performance (speed), while staying within budget, is critical to your online profitability.  Choosing the right hosting is the single best decision you can make.   Think that a delay of 1 second in page […]

Updated March 20th, 2019   Choosing private hosting means much more than finding a host that supports privacy and which is committed to secure web hosting – it means choosing a private hosting option that has the right balance of performance, support, server management, plus tier 1 hardware, software and networking.  Use private hosting to […]

Updated February 22, 2019   Answering the question, “How do servers work?” is more than just sharing a bit of trivial pursuit info….  Servers work through a fairly simple system of request and response serving up pages of web content that you’ve requested (their work).   Without servers, the world-wide-web simply wouldn’t be able to […]

Updated December 18, 2018 Softaculous just may be one of the handiest, most time-saving, hard to spell, indispensable bits of software in the arsenal of every successful website owner. Correct Spelling of Softaculous Spelled correctly, the word is:   Softaculous Note that the word is capitalized, being a brand name, and relates to the company established […]