What Is My Server Address?

IP addresses are an important element of any web search or online hosting, allowing individual devices to be identified and information to be communicated between devices.

Everything connected to the internet has an IP address, including every device and servers used to host websites.

In this article, KnownHost explains what a server IP address is, how they’re useful, how to find a server address and name, and whether a server address can be changed.

What Is My Server IP Address?

IP stands for internet protocol and is a unique coded address that identifies an individual device on the internet or a closed local network.

An IP address is the prime identifier that facilitates the transfer of information across the internet or local networks, like an address in a traditional phone book.

A server IP address is no different – it is the reference used to communicate with a server. It is required to facilitate any remote desktop file transfer, or as an identifier when hosting a website or database.

Why Are They Important?

IP addresses are important for quick reference and device identification. Each address is unique to a device within a local network or subnetwork (including the internet).

When performing any activity over a network (like sending emails, browsing websites, or downloading/uploading data), an IP address will be assigned, which can be used to track which device performed a particular activity.

While VPN tools can mask a user’s IP address, it’s still a good method for online traceability and transparency. When connected to another device (a server, wireless hub, etc.) it can often be useful to know the IP address to identify any devices or instances that aren’t familiar and could represent an unauthorized intruder.

A server IP address allows servers to communicate with other devices and servers and, unlike most IP addresses, is static – meaning it remains the same forever and doesn’t change with each new session or connection.

How Can I Find My Server
Address & Name?

Finding a server name and IP address can be relatively simple when you know the right steps to follow. Here, KnownHost explains how to find yours.

(The method below assumes that the user is running a Windows operating system.)

Step 1: Use the device search function to open the command prompt.

Step 2: Type ‘nslookup’ (without using quotation marks and where domain is your domain) into the command prompt, then click enter. This will display the server’s network settings.

Step 3: This will provide output similar to this:

$ nslookup


Non-authoritative answer:

In this example, would be the servers IP address.

Does This Differ Depending on My Hosting Package?

Yes, an IP address can differ depending on the hosting package, however, this is not always the case.

Not all devices within a shared server environment need to have the same IP address, and multiple devices can have multiple IP addresses. For example, if a server has an SSL certificate (secure socket layer) then it would have another dedicated IP address.

It is possible to have a dedicated IP address while utilizing shared server solutions, but it is also possible to have a shared IP address across multiple domains.

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Can A Server Address be Changed?

It is up to the hosting provider on whether or not the server address can be changed. In most cases, the assigned IP address to your service is going to be persistent. The only way to change that IP address would be to purchase a new or similar service in hopes that you wouldn’t be provisioned on the same server (Take shared for example). Virtual and Dedicated Servers would typically have different IP addresses on multiple deployments.

Should you be looking to change your Server’s IP Address — check with your provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What should a server address look like?

A: While server IP addresses have millions of unique identifications, they still have an identifiable format. An IP address is a string of numbers separated by periods. The full IP address is four numbers long, and individual numbers range between 0 to 255. An example of an IP address would be ‘’.

Q: Can a server have multiple IP addresses?

A: Absolutely. Server’s typically come with at least two IP addresses but are able to have more added depending on the provider. For example, KnownHost Dedicated IP’s come in blocks of 8.