dedicated server features

10 Absolute Must-Have Features of Dedicated Servers

Updated August 9, 2018   Avoid making a boneheaded business decision by making sure your next hosting choice absolutely includes these top 10 must-have dedicated server features.   Dedicated servers offer a whole host of benefits over shared servers. By being able to handle large volumes of website traffic or host high resource-intensive applications, a dedicated server allows you and your end users to experience excellent quality and speed without resources being diverted away to other needs.   However, once […]

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Minecraft Skyscape

Choosing the Right Dedicated Game Server Hosting

Updated January 4, 2018   Choosing the right dedicated game server hosting requires nearly as much skill as earning a reputation as a sweaty try-hard does!  Read on the learn a bit more about choosing the right hosting for your game server.   The popularity of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming has exploded with advances in broadband technology and the games themselves. Many games place heavy demands on the server, however, and a player remote-hosting the game often has lower […]

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How a Dedicated Server Can Supercharge Your Ecommerce Site

Launching an ecommerce site, while similar in many ways to other web endeavors, brings its own unique challenges and requirements. Your standard informational site has fairly easy content management and website hardware requirements are low in comparison to an ecommerce site which is much more resource hungry.   Depending on your level of expertise, you may not know where to start when it comes to getting your site into a functional state. Maybe you’ve heard great things about Magento as […]

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Why a Managed Dedicated Server May Improve Your Business

Are you familiar with how your business site is hosted? Many companies, especially smaller firms or those with a limited need for a digital footprint, use something known as “shared hosting.” This reduced cost service allows multiple sites to be hosted on one server, with resources being allocated on an as-needed basis. This can result in sites going down due to too much resource usage. Managed VPS hosting or managed dedicated hosting eliminates this issue, along with many more.

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