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Maximize Uptime With KernelCare

  Your server has a core system, known as kernel, that holds together all the other software running on that machine.  It must be updated regularly, which used to mean that your server needs rebooted frequently, to make those updates happen.  Those days of kernel update reboots are gone, thanks to KernelCare.  You can now maximize uptime with an inexpensive add-on to your server.   For those without KernelCare, rebooting the kernel (system) causes downtime, which is expensive and inconvenient. […]

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What Does Unix-Like Mean

What Does “Unix-Like” Mean?

There is so much tech terminology and so little time – so it helps quite a bit when we can think of things within categories. In the case of operating systems, there are essentially two. There are the ones from Microsoft, descendants of Windows NT (for “new technology”). On the other side are basically the remainder of options. These other systems – such as Chrome OS, Orbis OS, iOS, Mac OS X, Android, and Linux – all have a code […]

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What is CentOS, and Why Should You Care?

Being Linus Torvalds The story of Linux Things you wanted to know about CentOS but were afraid to ask CentOS is a particular distribution (aka distro) of the Linux operating system. Let’s look at Linux first to get a sense of that general technology and community, then take a direct look at this particular variation of the open source operating system. Being Linus Torvalds Like many major moments in computing or any field, when Linux was introduced, it didn’t seem […]

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$99 Linux-based HDMI stick

Have you ever imagined that you’d be able to carry your own fully functional Linux desktop computer in your pocket, other than your Android smartphone? Now you can, and for just $99. The coolest thing ever to hit your TV Recently a company called DevonIT presented their Ceptor, a thin client that they say is somewhat bigger than the standard USB flash drive that, once plugged into a HDMI port of any television or monitor, turns it into a thin […]

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