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Dedicated Servers

Legacy hardware that still has something to give.

Our affordable budget dedicated servers are great for personal projects, development servers or just general test benches for various applications.

Available in our Atlanta Datacenter.

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Budget Customizable Options.

Intel Processor Xeon E3-1270v2 3.5GHz
Intel Processor Xeon X5690 3.47GHz
Intel Processor Dual Xeon E5620 2.4GHz
Intel Processor Dual Xeon E5645 2.4GHz
Intel Processor Dual Xeon E5-2630 2.3GHz
Core / Threads 4 Cores / 8 Threads 6 Cores / 12 Threads 8 Cores / 16 Threads 12 Cores / 24 Threads 12 Cores / 24 Threads
DDR3 Ram 32GB
DDR3 Ram 24GB
DDR3 Ram 32GB
DDR3 Ram 32GB
DDR3 Ram 32GB
Storage 240GB 240GB 240GB 240GB 240GB
Bandwidth 10TB 10TB 10TB 10TB 10TB
$ 49.00
$ 49.00
$ 49.00
$ 59.00
$ 69.00
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More Customizable Options.

Intel Procssor Xeon E-2224 3.4GHz
Intel Procssor Xeon E-2236 3.4GHz
Intel Procssor Xeon E-2246G 3.6GHz
Intel Procssor Xeon E-2288G 3.7GHz
Intel Procssor Dual Xeon Silver 4208 2.1GHz
amd EPYC Rome 7302P 3.0GHz
Intel Procssor Dual Xeon Silver 4210 2.2GHz
Intel Procssor Dual Xeon Silver 4214 2.2GHz
amd EPYC Rome 7402 P 2.8GHz
Core / Threads 4 Cores 6 Cores / 12 Threads 6 Cores / 12 Threads 8 Cores / 16 Threads 16 Cores / 32 Threads 16 Cores / 32 Threads 16 Cores / 32 Threads 24 Cores / 48 Threads 24 Cores / 48 Threads
DDR4 Ram 16GB
DDR4 Ram 16GB
DDR4 Ram 16GB
DDR4 Ram 16GB
DDR4 Ram 32GB
DDR4 Ram 32GB
DDR4 Ram 64GB
DDR4 Ram 64GB
DDR4 Ram 64GB
Storage 240GB/1TB 240GB/1TB 240GB/1TB 240GB/1TB 480GB/1TB 480GB/1TB 960GB/2TB 960GB/2TB 960GB/2TB
Bandwidth 10TB 10TB 10TB 10TB 20TB 20TB 20TB 20TB 20TB
$ 109.00
$ 124.00
$ 134.00
$ 149.00
$ 234.00
$ 234.00
$ 309.00
$ 324.00
$ 324.00
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Just The Basics.

Let KnownHost take care of your dedicated server needs. We provide a full line of budget unmanaged servers with a wide variety of configuration options to fit your needs.

  • check mark /29 Block for all servers.
  • check mark IPMI Access
  • check mark RAID Capable
  • check mark Various OS Options
  • check mark Backend Dedicated Panel
  • check mark 1Gbps Full Duplex
  • check mark White-Label Capable
  • check mark Industry Best Uptimes (99.99+%)

The More Technical Stuff.

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24/7 Fully Monitored Network

Our USA-based server admin team are on-hand 24x7x365 to make sure things are configured, coordinated, installed, maintained, and deployed for your success. You won't find a better network anywhere.

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Best Uptime on the Planet

For over a decade KnownHost dedicated server hosting has consistently outperformed our competitors when it comes to reliability. We average better than 99.99% uptime across every server in our global portfolio.

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Choice of Panel

We offer either DirectAdmin or cPanel on applicable OS's that can make your hosting life simpler and easier.

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Need More Information About This
Hosting Option?

A dedicated server is referenced as a bare-metal server. These servers are meant to be designed with different scenarios in mind. They are built with dedicated hardware that handles large allocations of resources for CPU, RAM and Disk space. Dedicated servers can support large traffic, intensive applications and other various related tasks.

Dedicated hosting is extensively customizable for a clients needs for CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth for any scenario. This gives you a wide control of server management compared to any other hosting solution. In comparison to other web hosting services (shared, reseller) you are not as limited in specific packages – you have the full server at your disposal. If you are looking to support a large application or you have expected growth then a dedicated server is definitely a better choice.

Virtual servers are limited by the host-node that they exist on and in turn, their resources can only go so high before a limit is reached. While virtual does scale well, it is limited by the availability of resources on the host-node. On a host-node there are several virtual servers at the same time, so while your package may have set resources allocated you may sometimes experience issues although rare.

When using Dedicated hosting, your resources are yours and yours alone. There is no sharing of resources such as CPU time, bandwidth, or RAM. Dedicated servers can be constantly upgraded to larger allocations compared to a virtual server which allows for them continue improving. Plus, you can easily customize your package with specific CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth for your web hosting needs!

At KnownHost, we take data and network security seriously. That is why all dedicated servers are hardened with security on a solid infrastructure as standard: DDoS protection is included, and free. In addition, your dedicated hosting package also includes a firewall, rDNS setup and pre-configure common services and sensitive ports to be secured.

For $12 per month, Cloud Linux can be installed as your base operating system. It'll give amazing granularity of control resources, ideal if you're using cPanel and want each account to have strictly controlled resources, fully isolated from one another.

Kernel updates can come frequently and cause downtime - unless you have KernelCare. The beauty of this $2.95 per month add-on is that it makes kernel updates as live patches, eliminating the need for server reboots and downtime. We recommend KernelCare to any business that is depending on being available online 24x7.

Securing your data is crucial! That is why we offer network Security optimizations and DDoS protection for no additional charge in our dedicated hosting plans. In addition, we include firewall, rDNS setup and preconfigure common services and sensitive ports to be secured. Want even more? Check out Imunify360 security software that goes way beyond the basics.

You can choose to put LiteSpeed on your server at first, then later add one of our 3 choices of LiteMage - which is designed to take your Magento online ecommerce installation into hyperspace. The performance gains are simply outrageous - we can't recommend this highly enough - it's that much of a game changing speed and performance addition.

With your Dedicated Server Hosting package, we start you off with a /29 worth of dedicated IP space with 5 usable IP addresses which is enough to get most companies started. However, if you need more, we make them available at the time of ordering, in blocks of 8, for just $1 per additional IP address.

We offer a number of flexible backup options for your dedicated server starting with 1 TB of storage at $20/month, which can be incremented 1TB at a time. This isn't some low-cost storage where you wonder if the files are really there or could be restored, but rather high availability, ultra high-speed, mission critical storage that you can count on for your data backup.

Dedicated Hosting plans can start to add up! To save some money, you can prepay for a longer term, instead of just month to month. Signing up for a 1-year term can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

You can even become an affiliate and refer others to us. Some of our affiliates make thousands of dollars each month AND get their hosting free, because they refer customers to KnownHost. Get started TODAY!

High end dedicated servers have hardware RAID available, though all plans can make use of software RAID with the right combinations of drives. All dedicated servers can get additional drives, RAID and other customizations - just contact our expert sales department and they will help you with any custom configurations and dedicated server needs!