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NVMe VPS Hosting

High Frequency NVMe Based VPS Hosting

Entry Plus
NVMe Server

Larger package allowing for a control panel; manage your websites or applications.

  • check mark 1 Core High Frequency vCPU
  • check mark 2 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • check mark 40 GB NVMe Storage
  • check mark 2 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • check mark 2x IPv4 Addresses

Starting At $12.00/mo

NVMe Server

The Basic package is for those who want to control their environment, having outgrown Shared or Reseller based hosting.

  • check mark 2 Core High Frequency vCPU
  • check mark 4 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • check mark 60 GB NVMe Storage
  • check mark 2 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • check mark 2x IPv4 Addresses

Starting At $24.00/mo $44.00/mo

NVMe Server

More power, more resources for your busy website and/or forum based community.

  • check mark 3 Core High Frequency vCPU
  • check mark 8 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • check mark 120 GB NVMe Storage
  • check mark 4 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • check mark 2x IPv4 Addresses

Starting At $48.00/mo $68.00/mo

NVMe Server

For those who really need power to back their content driven website with optimized performance.

  • check mark 4 Core High Frequency vCPU
  • check mark 16 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • check mark 240 GB NVMe Storage
  • check mark 5 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • check mark 2x IPv4 Addresses

Starting At $96.00/mo $116.00/mo

NVMe Server

Spare no expense. Geared towards those websites with consistent high traffic, driving the demand for consistent sustainability.

  • check mark 6 Core High Frequency vCPU
  • check mark 24 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • check mark 320 GB NVMe Storage
  • check mark 6 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • check mark 2x IPv4 Addresses

Starting At $144.00/mo $164.00/mo

NVMe Server

The pinnacle of virtualized servers. This package provides you with nothing but performance. Heavy traffic, large applications, you name it. It can handle it.

  • check mark 8 Core High Frequency vCPU
  • check mark 32 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • check mark 360 GB NVMe Storage
  • check mark 6 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • check mark 2x IPv4 Addresses

Starting At $192.00/mo $212.00/mo

Just The Basics.

Our NVMe Hosting options are custom built to meet the demanding work loads of today's resource intense single threaded applications such as Magento and WordPress. KnownHost utilizes high frequency CPU's and Enterprise-grade NVMe drives to ensure exceptional performance. NVMe Hosting is currently available in our Atlanta datacenter.

  • check mark High Frequency 3Ghz+ Processors
  • check mark High Speed DDR4 Registered RAM
  • check mark Enterprise Grade NVMe Redundant Storage
  • check mark Managed or Unmanaged Options
  • check mark DirectAdmin Included Free of Charge

Compare NVMe Hosting

We know some like the finer details; so check out the specifications between packages with our comparison page!

The More Technical Stuff.

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Need A Pain-Free VPS Upgrade?

When you need more drive space, CPU and I/O - we can scale your VPS instantly. There'll be no file or DB migration issues, no downtime, no pain. We take pride in giving you a worry-free upgrade, every time. You can even directly initiate the process to automatically scale by purchasing a larger VPS package from your billing portal.

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Need To Be Faster Than The Competition?

Our NVMe virtual private servers are built on some of the fastest, most dependable NVMe drives in the world. You'll enjoy high-speed NVMe performance that outpaces the competition (and helps your search engine rankings). Need more? Outgrowing the VPS? Check out NVMe Dedicated Server offerings!

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Want Full Root Access & Control On Your VPS?

Choose from 2 different industry standard control panels plus still retain root command line access (for the more technically savvy users). Install what you want on your VPS because you're in control.

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Demand 24x7x365 Support?

You can sleep well knowing our Birmingham, Alabama technical support team is working around the clock to keep your website online and easily found by potential buyers and existing customers alike.

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Need A Guarantee?

We're so confident that you'll love KnownHost VPS servers, we stand behind every one with our 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee. Our client retention rates are some of the best in any industry.

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White Label Capable

Use KnownHost to serve your clients! Our NVMe VPS's are white label just like any of our other services. Let your customers experience the performance of an NVMe through us!

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Hosting Option?

Hosting services provide data storage and computing resources to individuals or organizations in order to facilitate and maintain websites and other services on the Internet. There are many formats of hosting and the technology, security and hosting options are continually evolving.

An NVMe VPS utilizes cutting edge technology that combines the reliable standard of Solid State Drives (SSDs), with Non-Volatile Memory Express technology. NVMe uses the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) computer bus to directly connect to the computer's CPU (Central Processing Unit). Before NVMe technology, SSDs were limited by the inefficiencies in legacy storage protocols and SATA protocols. The direct connection of NVMe SSD hosting increases storage data connection speeds, and transfers and has changed the game for websites and e-commerce.

Pairing the virtualization with NVMe SSD technology results in a super-fast, efficient platofrm that can eliminate bottlenecks that could lead to a negative user experience. For real-time responses and consistent performance, NVMe VPS hosting is a top contender.

The skys the limit when it comes to the design and look of your online store, website, or blog. A site that is welcoming, nice to look at and just plain cool can capture the attention of users and customers alike. However, functionality, security and flawless performance is what will keep users on your site and have them returning time and time again.

The cutting edge protocols utilized in NVMe technology makes it a superior choice for website owners who value a positive user experience, top-notch security, and unlimited potential for growth. NVMe stands for non-volatile memory express and is the latest protocol developed to work with the already existing solid state drives (SSDs).

NVMe hosting has many advantages over previous technology. It provides significantly faster data transfer speeds, as much as six times faster than standard hosting, and enables much higher response times, which translates into a better user experience. Additionally, NVMe is incredibly stable and secure as indicated in its “non-volatile” title. Stored data is retained regardless of power disruptions and outages and keeps data safe whether the system is on or off. Finally, NVMe hosting is upgradable, and can support mixed workloads which makes it virtually future-proof.

A positive user experience is a common goal among website owners, bloggers and online retailers. A successful site must be visually attractive, intuitive to navigate and free of bottlenecks and lag-time. When it comes to website performance and user satisfaction, speed is the name of the game.

SSD (Solid State Drives) technology commonly stores data in a type of flash storage called NAND. While this type of storage is an improvement over hard disc drives, it also has serious limitations with regards to speed and storage protocols due to its reliance on the SATA interface.

NVMe protocols were developed to solve the speed limitations inherent in the SSD-SATA interface. NVMe utilizes PCIe technology that connects directly to the CPU which enables significantly faster speeds, increased reliability and enhanced performance.

The data transfer speed difference between SSD and NVMe is significant. A traditional SSD connection through a SATA interface will handle 10,000 IOP’s per second and 550 MB/s of data, whereas the average NVMe interface manages a whopping 640,000 IOP’s and 3200 MB/s of data. The numbers don’t lie. NVMe offers 6X faster data transfer speeds and 60X improved IOP performance.

The increased capacity and speed offered by NVMe hosting could be a game changer for website owners looking to level up performance and positive user experience.

All of pur packages can scale up and down as necessary in order to facilitate customer demand. Utilizing the My KnownHost portal, you can upgrade or downgrade your server as needed. Requiring no downtime, the process is quick and seamless. Going to be running a heavy application for a bit? Needing extra resources? Upgrade the server through the portal. Once you're finished or you find yourself no longer needing said resources, you can just as easily downgrade through the same portal.

If you're unsure, contact our Billing team -- we'll help!

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is a data storage interface that is perfectly suited to use on a server, in fact, NVMe technology has many advantages over traditional server technology that may make it a better option.

NVMe allows drives to use PCI Express connection directly to the CPU which enables servers to provide significant improvements in speed, performance, efficiency, compatibility and security. Due to NVMe’s multiple information buses, the data transfer rate is much faster than the traditional SATA interface and as technology advances, even higher transfer rates are expected. NVMe technology accesses the same lanes that connect directly to the CPU. This access offers increased scalability and performance when compared with the limited four lanes in most solid state drivers.

The amount of power consumed by NVMe drives is extremely low, particularly in stand-by mode. Some estimates have shown a 97 perfect reduction in power usage when compared with older technology that is commonly used. NVMe is able to work with all major operating systems, is upgradable and also has backward compatibility. NVMe is considered future-proof, in that it has the capability of continued use and adaptability for the foreseeable future. NVMe storage protocol is compatible with the safety standards set for the industry. In addition, because it is non-volatile in its design and permanent by nature, your date is safe regardless of power outages and shut-downs.

Absolutely! Any CMS based website will greatly benefit from the speeds of an NVMe drive due to their constant need for read/write processes. Some examples being WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.

Websites running these platforms will usually see noticable increase in performance when placed on a server utilizing NVMe as they benefit from the access speeds provided. Generally, any database driven website is going to benefit from utilizing NVMe.