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NVMe Server

Starting At $12.00/mo

NVMe Server

Starting At $24.00/mo

NVMe Server

Starting At $48.00/mo


NVMe Server

Starting At $96.00/mo

NVMe Server

Starting At $144.00/mo

NVMe Server

Starting At $192.00/mo

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2 GB

4 GB

8 GB

16 GB

24 GB

32 GB

NVMe Storage

Disk space allocated to the account. This determines how much data you can hold.

40 GB

60 GB

120 GB

240 GB

320 GB

360 GB

Premium Bandwidth

Information transferred from your account to visiting users.

2 TB

2 TB

4 TB

5 TB

6 TB

6 TB

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A positive user experience is a common goal among website owners, bloggers and online retailers. A successful site must be visually attractive, intuitive to navigate and free of bottlenecks and lag-time. When it comes to website performance and user satisfaction, speed is the name of the game.

SSD (Solid State Drives) technology commonly stores data in a type of flash storage called NAND. While this type of storage is an improvement over hard disc drives, it also has serious limitations with regards to speed and storage protocols due to its reliance on the SATA interface.

NVMe protocols were developed to solve the speed limitations inherent in the SSD-SATA interface. NVMe utilizes PCIe technology that connects directly to the CPU which enables significantly faster speeds, increased reliability and enhanced performance.

The data transfer speed difference between SSD and NVMe is significant. A traditional SSD connection through a SATA interface will handle 10,000 IOP’s per second and 550 MB/s of data, whereas the average NVMe interface manages a whopping 640,000 IOP’s and 3200 MB/s of data. The numbers don’t lie. NVMe offers 6X faster data transfer speeds and 60X improved IOP performance.

The increased capacity and speed offered by NVMe hosting could be a game changer for website owners looking to level up performance and positive user experience.

All of pur packages can scale up and down as necessary in order to facilitate customer demand. Utilizing the My KnownHost portal, you can upgrade or downgrade your server as needed. Requiring no downtime, the process is quick and seamless. Going to be running a heavy application for a bit? Needing extra resources? Upgrade the server through the portal. Once you're finished or you find yourself no longer needing said resources, you can just as easily downgrade through the same portal.

If you're unsure, contact our Billing team -- we'll help!

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is a data storage interface that is perfectly suited to use on a server, in fact, NVMe technology has many advantages over traditional server technology that may make it a better option.

NVMe allows drives to use PCI Express connection directly to the CPU which enables servers to provide significant improvements in speed, performance, efficiency, compatibility and security. Due to NVMe’s multiple information buses, the data transfer rate is much faster than the traditional SATA interface and as technology advances, even higher transfer rates are expected. NVMe technology accesses the same lanes that connect directly to the CPU. This access offers increased scalability and performance when compared with the limited four lanes in most solid state drivers.

The amount of power consumed by NVMe drives is extremely low, particularly in stand-by mode. Some estimates have shown a 97 perfect reduction in power usage when compared with older technology that is commonly used. NVMe is able to work with all major operating systems, is upgradable and also has backward compatibility. NVMe is considered future-proof, in that it has the capability of continued use and adaptability for the foreseeable future. NVMe storage protocol is compatible with the safety standards set for the industry. In addition, because it is non-volatile in its design and permanent by nature, your date is safe regardless of power outages and shut-downs.