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How to Simply and Quickly Reboot Your VPS Server

Updated August 17, 2018   Knowing how to reboot your VPS server is almost as important as knowing when to reboot it.  Read on to find out the simple step by step directions on how to reboot your VPS from WHM, SSH, Virtuozzo or via support request from your hosting team.   Although downtime can appear to be a daunting prospect, rebooting a VPS can be done simply and quickly to minimize any disruption to the day-to-day running of your […]

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What Can You Do with a Virtual Server?

Virtual Private Server – What Can you do with your own Virtual Servers?

This article describes what a virtual private server (VPS) is and how it relates to other major technology concepts: virtual private networks, the virtual machine (VM), shared hosting, and dedicated hosting. We then look at especially compelling reasons to use a VPS and a few of the most prominent ways that one can be used.   Virtual Private Network vs. Virtual Private Server Getting to Know the Virtual Server Strong Reasons for Adopting a VPS Typical Uses of a VPS […]

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Powerful Hosting for WordPress

Why WordPress Might Need More Powerful Hosting Than You Think

When deciding on the backend environment of a site that will serve as the place where you’ll make all changes to content and functionality, there aren’t any wrong or right answers. While there are some specialty cases, like e-commerce, where you’ll probably want to help yourself by choosing an e-commerce specific CMS at least as a base, you can use any solution you’d like. While coding a site from scratch is a perfectly suitable solution, many people opt for a […]

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Why VPS is the Right Choice for WordPress When You Need More Power

Is cheap-as-it-comes, bargain-basement shared hosting the best choice for your WordPress blog or site? Since your performance, your raw speed, is so critical to strong UX and even SEO, the short answer is, “Probably not.” Let’s look at the two options so you can understand why many blogging influencers recommend switching from shared to VPS hosting – basically as soon as you can afford to make the transition. Hosting: Who Needs It? Description of Shared Web Hosting Not a New […]

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