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Things to Remember When Choosing a Domain Hosting Provider

Updated May 2, 2018   How to Choose a Domain Hosting Provider     Choose the right domain hosting provider by understanding the key differences that will help you decide on which one is right for you.  Questions asked and answered will help you decide right, the first time.   Most business owners know the importance of creating high quality online content and they have finally begun to understand that in order to take their business to greater heights, they […]

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KnownHost Forums Spotlight – Another Day at KnownHost

Updated April 16, 2018   With thousands of posts across hundreds of topic threads, the KnownHost web hosting forums are a great place to engage with other site owners and the KnownHost staff, to ask questions, answer questions on topics related to website hosting, server configuration, accounts, control panels and much, much more.   The most popular threads on the forum have unbelievably low bounce rates and exit rates (which means they’re highly engaging).  The forums are truly a place […]

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8 Tips for Selecting the Right ERP System for Your Business

Updated March 28, 2018   Choosing the right ERP hosting begins with choosing the right ERP system, the cornerstone of your business operations.   Enterprise Resource Planning software, abbreviated as ERP, is deployed to automate and computerize the core processes, functions, flows and systems of a business by streamlining all these into a comprehensive process.  Making the flow of information and management of the business much more convenient, ERP system selection is a critical business decision.   Read on to […]

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Prioritize Your Website Hosting

7 Key Reasons to Prioritize Your Website’s Hosting

Web hosting is often a decision that is made quickly in order to move on to “the actual work” of building your online presence. Here, we review why you should make your hosting decision carefully – by assessing what can go wrong with a poorly run service.   You probably know how important it is to your business to use a diverse set of online marketing tactics and to carefully approach your design. However, the web hosting, the infrastructure that […]

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