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10 Absolute Must-Have Features of Dedicated Servers

Updated August 9, 2018   Avoid making a boneheaded business decision by making sure your next hosting choice absolutely includes these top 10 must-have dedicated server features.   Dedicated servers offer a whole host of benefits over shared servers. By being able to handle large volumes of website traffic or host high resource-intensive applications, a dedicated server allows you and your end users to experience excellent quality and speed without resources being diverted away to other needs.   However, once […]

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Quick Guide on How to Buy Dedicated Server Hosting

Updated July 25, 2018   Check this list of key factors before you buy dedicated server hosting.  Base your decision on price, performance, security, uptime, support and existing customer satisfaction – but sacrificing any one of those is likely to lead to bitter disappointment.  Remember the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten“.   Before You Buy Dedicated Server Hosting   There is likely a laundry list […]

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The Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Updated July 4, 2018   Your first foray as a small business owner into the world wide web can be a daunting one. Finding the best web hosting service for your small business needs is the ideal way to get started.   Here at KnownHost, we know that security is top of mind, as is cost. We’ve got your back. Our expertise combines great service with a range of affordable management options, depending on how much hand-holding makes sense to […]

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Smart Marketer’s Guide to Web Hosting

Updated June 12, 2018     Smart Marketer’s Guide to Hosting 2018     Index of What’s Included Executive Summary The Real Objective of Marketing Reach Acquisition Retention Conversion The Science Behind Hosting for Marketers Hosting Features That Matter Most to Marketers Specs Cost Performance Dependability Management Support Marketing Measures Influenced by Hosting Decisions Rankings Traffic Conversions Repeat Business Trust Uptime Uncovering Bugbears Blacklisted Emails Search RankingsPenalized Terrible User Experience About KnownHost Executive Summary   Discover all the ways hosting […]

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