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Eviction is a scary prospect, isn’t it? Now, wait, we’re not talking about losing your home or anything. That would be way too much of a downer. But, getting kicked off your server by your hosting company doesn’t feel great, either. This is a real risk you face if you’re on a shared hosting plan. […]

Launching an ecommerce site, while similar in many ways to other web endeavors, brings its own unique challenges and requirements. Your standard informational site has fairly easy content management and website hardware requirements are low in comparison to an ecommerce site which is much more resource hungry.   Depending on your level of expertise, you […]

Updated September 24, 2019   For centuries, a common question in various blogging forums has been when to upgrade your website from a shared hosting provider to a managed vps package. In other words many webmasters don’t know when it’s time to move from the crowd and establish their own ‘home’ in the Web. For […]

  There are a number of advantages from using VPS hosting for wordpress and every serious blogger or online business should consider running their website on a VPS.   WordPress is by far the most popular platform on the web and despite what many people believe, wordpress is not just for bloggers but it is […]

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