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3 Keys for Magento Success

Updated December 5, 2018   The 3 keys to Magento success boil down to a few basic hosting requirements that must be met, and a few that optionally should be considered, if you plan on outpacing your ecommerce competitors.  A few simple rules to live can help you steer the murky waters of choosing the right hosting.   Fundamentals for Magento Success   Running a profitable ecommerce site, Magento in particular, boils down to a few fundamental principles that must […]

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10 Free WordPress eCommerce Themes to Boost Sales

Updated August 22, 2018   Check out these 10 free WordPress ecommerce themes and use them to boost sales as you propel your business ahead of the competition.  Each is attractive, effective and FREE – so what are you waiting for?   Creating a well-designed eCommerce website takes a lot of effort, time, research and knowledge. But the variety of free WordPress eCommerce themes available will make your job easier than ever before. WordPress powers over 25% of websites today […]

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Top eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

Updated December 14, 2017     Selling products on a WordPress based site can be challenging, which is why it’s essential that you choose the right WordPress ecommerce plugin.   Originally launched in 2003, WordPress has grown to the point that nearly 1/3rd (30%) of all sites on the internet are running on WordPress.  With 50,000+ plugins in the WordPress repository, you can see why finding the right plugin can be a mammoth chore!   Besides finding the right functionality, […]

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B2B vs B2C Ecommerce Marketing

What should you do differently for B2B Business to Business and B2C Business to Consumer marketing to improve online sales? Let’s look at how to target these two different branches of e-commerce.   Geraldine, a standup comedian, has been a professional joke-teller for 17 years. She credits her success, in part, to the audience – which has been fundamental in guiding her career at the level of the individual show. With so many hours of stage time logged in front […]

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