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Marketing Habits to Drop in 2018

Updated January 23, 2018   There’s a lot of bad marketing advice out there to avoid in 2018 – and we’re sharing a list of things you should take with a grain of salt, as you outperform those who instead heeded that bad advice.     Bad Advice #1     Stop ‘Doing’ SEO   Search engine optimization (SEO) had got a bad name as of late, largely due to the propaganda machine at Google (and those Google pundits who repeat […]

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Improve Site Effectiveness with Online Marketing Training

Updated January 15, 2018   Online marketing is much more than just putting up a pretty website and waiting for orders to pile in. One of the best tools a business owner or marketer can have in their toolbelt is knowledge – marketing knowledge to be precise.  Quality online marketing training is a timesaving way of honing skills to keep your competitive advantage in the market.   Organic search engine rankings are the holy grail of online marketing. Achieve great […]

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How to Leverage Blog Content via Social Media

Updated January 15, 2018   Find out what you can do to extend the reach of your content marketing efforts via social syndication (posting linked excerpts of your content on social media channels).   It’s no longer enough to ‘build it and they will come’ like a field of dreams any more than you can simply build a website, without promoting it, and expect to be found by your prospective new customers.  Content marketing should be a one-two punch, with […]

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Why Your Hosting is Affecting SEO Efforts

UPDATED December 8, 2017 Small business owners understand, more than any other industry segment, the importance of organic search rankings and the traffic it can bring to a site – because those convert into sales at an extremely good rate.  Hosting plays a big part of search results, though not many fully understand exactly why.  This post aims to explain exactly what role hosting plays with SEO and how you can significantly improve your rankings by making the right choice […]

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