Why a Dedicated Server is a Must-Have for Your Business

why a dedicated server is a must-have

Companies faced with creating a lively online presence for their business will usually jump to paid ads or other marketing tactics. And while these are certainly not bad ways to approach your marketing strategy, you are missing the forest for the trees. Because regardless of just how well you market your business, it will bring your customers back to the website in the end. 

Therefore, one of the best ways to create an engaging online presence is by working on your website. Although web hosting tends to take the back seat when designing a website. A reliable dedicated server hosting you can earn your customer’s trust. So if you are still on the fence about whether or not you should get a dedicated server. Then, maybe these reasons will help. 

What is a Dedicated Server?

A server acts as a middleman between a website and the internet. So in order for a website to connect to the internet, it will have to go through a server. Chances are that your website is currently on a shared server, which is hosting a multitude of other websites. These servers have to share their bandwidth, ram, and storage with countless other websites. 

On the other hand, a dedicated server will only have a single or very few websites on a server. Therefore, all resources are your own. This allows your websites to use them as needed. No more sharing with noisy neighbors. 

Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Server

Of course, dedicated servers offer a lot more than just an increase in ram and whatnot. But if that alone is not enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons why dedicated servers are essential. 

1. Control Over Storage 

Since the server is where websites are able to store their data, having control over it can be a huge benefit. While smaller businesses can get by with a shared server, they usually have limited space to offer in the first place.

But with a dedicated server, you can control how much space you need, regardless of your size. And if your business happens to grow, you can upgrade your storage. Ensuring that your server has an SSD VPS Hosting can result in a better user experience. 

2. Better Customer Care 

Customer service will always vary depending on your hosting service. Some are more notorious for being unresponsive, whereas others provide timely support. However, regardless of the hosting service you choose, they will usually have better care for dedicated server users. 

Service providers offering dedicated servers usually deal with fewer clients. Therefore, you can easily get better responses from them if you face any issues. Most customer service representatives will also be able to help you if you plan on upgrading or improving your server in any way. 

3. More Value for Money 

Despite being a more expensive option, dedicated servers can offer more value in the long run. So even though they are not necessarily cheap, they are cost-effective. As your business continues to grow, the benefits of a dedicated server will seem more appealing. 

Another option that you might consider is a cloud-based server. While they certainly have their benefits as well, they do not offer nearly the same level of customization as dedicated servers. Furthermore, dedicated servers are also able to provide all the perks of having an in house server, without having to maintain one yourself. 

4. Reliable Bandwidth 

One of the best things about having a dedicated server is that it offers dedicated bandwidth to your website. All of your website’s applications and programs will require a stable bandwidth to function properly. They add to the overall user experience, and can turn away visitors if the website starts to slow down. 

With a dedicated server you will get reliable bandwidth, seeing how your website will be the only one on the server. And if you need more bandwidth, all you will have to do is contact customer support and ask for an upgrade. When compared to shared servers, websites have to share bandwidth with each other.  

5. A Unique IP Address

Shared hosting does not just mean that you will be sharing valuable resources on a server with other websites. Not only can this be a serious security risk, but this can also be a lead to SEO issues. Another tenant on the server can possibly fall victim to a security breach, which can put your website at risk as well. 

Since a dedicated server will always be yours, you will not have to worry about a security breach as a result of another website. As a result, your IP reputation won’t be tarnished by other users.

6. Flexibility 

Another benefit of having a dedicated server is that you will be able to allocate the necessary CPU, ram, and bandwidth usage. In shared servers, you will have to manage with the specifications that they offer. And despite paying for a certain bandwidth, there is still no guarantee that you will be getting it.  

Simply choose your server’s specifications according to your current usage. And as you expand, you can improve your specifications as well. Flexibility also extends to how many websites you can open on the server, and the features that they will be able access. 

7. More Customization and Control 

When taking on the services of a shared server, you will not be able to use the applications and programs that you want. This can be a serious issue, as you will now have to learn how to use these new programs. But with a dedicated server, you do not have to worry about using specific programs. 

Instead, you can use programs and applications as you see fit. And if one application does not seem to be working out, you can simply replace it with another. The amount of control that you have when using a dedicated server does not compare to any other hosting service

8. Easy To Scale and Expand 

Over time, your business will grow and reach new heights. One of the biggest issues that you might face as a result of your expansion is the limited capacity of your server. Shared servers are usually good for businesses that have yet to find their footing in the market. But as soon as a website starts to gather a loyal following. You may find that it will soon grow out of its shared server shoes. 

With a dedicated server, you no longer will have to worry about the limitations of smaller hosting services. Dedicated servers can have increased storage, RAM, drive replacements and CPU Swaps. Benefits such as hotswapping drives or CPU upgrades allows for more scaling as needed.

9. Better Security 

Cyberattacks are no joke. While most people are fortunate enough to not be a victim to these attacks, they can cause serious harm to your business. They can shut down your website, affect your SEO and Google ranking, as well as steal valuable information. 

In an improperly configured shared server, hackers can move from one website to another. So you might be doing everything right, but a single slip up from another website could ruin yours. Dedicated servers have the ability to be configured more securely which allows better isolation and in turn improves website security.

10. Better Performance 

Companies that are serious about Dedicated servers offer bleeding-edge components for their configurations. Components such as high quality DDR4 RAM, NVMe Drives, High Frequency CPU’s and more. This allows them to perform better than their shared counterparts due to not having to share resources. Compare this to Shared Hosting and you can see where problems begin.

These dedicated servers can facilitate higher traffic on a website, and can help maximize its uptime. Both things can help improve your website’s SEO ranking and make it more comfortable to use. So if you do not want to compromise on performance, then it is obvious that you need a dedicated server. 

11. The competition is fierce 

Market competition is growing, and it is growing very fast. A few years ago only a few companies would have dedicated servers, and they would be ahead of the market. But now, you will need dedicated servers to simply keep up with the rest of the industry. 

Dedicated server configurations have become so common that even small companies have unique IP address allocations. The benefits that these servers offer can not only help you keep up with the competition. It can also allow you to focus on your unique selling point. 

Final Thoughts

Organically growing a business can be hard. While clout and sudden bursts of fame can be great for business, they are not sustainable. Sometimes, you need to start from the bottom. Work on your hosting service before you can market your website and brand. Because if customers come to a laggy and unresponsive website, they will prefer to take their business elsewhere. 

A dedicated server addresses all of the complaints that you could have with a shared server. The benefit of this is that it offers significantly more value. Even though it is more expensive, you should consider it more as an investment for your business. You can even decide on who manages your dedicated server, and if you would like to do it yourself. In the end, it doesn’t matter who manages it. A dedicated server is essential to having a successful business.

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