Smart Designer’s Guide to Web Hosting

Updated November 12, 2018     Smart Designer’s Guide to Hosting 2018     Index of What’s Included Executive Summary The Keys to Design Agency Success Impressions Retention Profitability Time The Science Behind Hosting for Designers Hosting Features That Matter Most to Designers Specifications Performance Cost Dependability Centralized Management Managed Services & Support Design Measures Influenced by Hosting Decisions Portfolio Load Time Trust Signal Presence Issue Response Time Dependability / Uptime Management Time Overhead About KnownHost Executive Summary   Discover […]

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hacker prevention web security

Is Comodo cWatch Right for You?

Updated November 21st, 2018   If you haven’t heard about Comodo cWatch security, you’ve not learned about the latest website security solution that provides early detection, immediate remediation and proactive preventive measures.  KnownHost will soon be making a major announcement about this awesome security platform – so now’s the time to get up to speed and start thinking about whether or not it’s right for you.   Today’s world wide web is awash with hazardous malware and toxic software that […]

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wordcamp philadelphia 2018 displays

WordCamp Philly October 2018

Updated October 31, 2018   KnownHost proudly participated as sponsors, and by attending, the WordPress WordCamp Philly, October 27th and 28th, 2018.  This update is courtesy of Mickey Trivett, the KnownHost Chief Happiness Officer.     WordCamp Philly 2018   So I am not going to lie, the first thing that I thought about when I found out that I was going to Philly was a Cheesesteak. Yea yea… I know this has nothing to do with hosting but I […]

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serif hammer crushing a nut1

Design Trends: The Rise of Serif

Updated October 30, 2018   Reports on the death of serif fonts have been greatly exaggerated – a bit like pre-election polls touting one candidate over another (before the votes).  In fact, serif fonts have made such a resurgence in 2018 that one cannot ignore their importance and rapid resurgence.   The rise of serif is upon us and can be witnessed in numerous posts showcasing their beauty, application and popularity.   Almost from the moment Guttenberg first introduced moveable […]

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