Updated May 4, 2020 “cPanel” is a word that gets thrown around often in the web hosting industry, but what is it? If you’re new to the online world, you may not be familiar with this term just yet! cPanel is an online graphical interfaced based on Linux. It is used as a control panel […]

Updated May 4, 2020 So you’re in the market for web hosting and don’t know what plan is right for you? Should you get WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, or wait! What’s a VPS? Don’t worry! Confusion is common when starting a website. Throughout this article, we will explain the difference between the terms “Web Hosting” […]

Updated June 4, 2020 Articles about SEO and how to improve site performance will frequently bounce terms about including crawling, indexing, robots.txt, meta robots, canonical and more. It’s absolutely essential to understand the difference between crawling and indexing, plus why it matters to your site performance in search rankings. Matt C. at Google explains the […]

Updated May 21, 2020 Having comments with attachments sounds amazing. After all, letting users submit content could greatly contribute to the discussion – much the way that some file sharing forums allow uploads in threaded discussions. But, this functionality doesn’t come without risks and costs. Why are Comment Attachments Risky? The risk-factors of comment attachments […]