Free Hosting – Your Business Deserves Better

Updated August 20, 2018   Only after feeling the pain of enduring free hosting do most people realize the incredible price they’ve paid to have no monthly hosting bill.  Find out the top 3 risks you’ll face in choosing free hosting.  Or perhaps you’ll decide that a few dollars a month isn’t too high a price to pay for quality managed hosting!   In the last two decades, the internet has exploded with new sites. Literally millions of websites have […]

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erp systems

5 Myths That Say Your Small Business Doesn’t Need a Customized ERP System

Updated August 20, 2018   Whoever said small businesses won’t benefit from a custom ERP system hasn’t ever used to right one(s).  Find out more as we debunk the top 5 myths surrounding small business and the benefits of customized ERP systems.   Running a small business in today’s hyper-competitive marketspace is certainly challenging and complex – it may seem that multiple tasks need to be handled at the same time. Small business owners and entrepreneurs definitely need all the […]

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vps server rack

How to Simply and Quickly Reboot Your VPS Server

Updated August 17, 2018   Knowing how to reboot your VPS server is almost as important as knowing when to reboot it.  Read on to find out the simple step by step directions on how to reboot your VPS from WHM, SSH, Virtuozzo or via support request from your hosting team.   Although downtime can appear to be a daunting prospect, rebooting a VPS can be done simply and quickly to minimize any disruption to the day-to-day running of your […]

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photographer holding camera

To Host or Not To Host That is the Image Hosting Question

Updated August 14, 2018   Image hosting isn’t right for everyone.  In fact, it’s completely wrong for some.  Knowing whether or not you want to host your own images boils down to a few simple decisions.  This post answers the question – to host or not to host your own images?  Image hosting pro’s and con’s could fill a bookshelf, but the below are the essence of why most people go down one route or the other.   Image hosting […]

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