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Quick Guide on How to Buy Dedicated Server Hosting

Updated July 25, 2018   Check this list of key factors before you buy dedicated server hosting.  Base your decision on price, performance, security, uptime, support and existing customer satisfaction – but sacrificing any one of those is likely to lead to bitter disappointment.  Remember the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten“.   Before You Buy Dedicated Server Hosting   There is likely a laundry list […]

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Website Speed Explained – 6 Critical Ways You Can Speed Into the Lead

Updated July 19, 2018   Website speed is a critical component in choosing the quickest site hosting – whether for a SMB or large enterprise site.  Learn about what makes websites faster than others and what you need to know to win the battle to be fastest.  Remember, faster sites keep users longer, sell more products and get more return business.  Managed hosting enables you to get these speed advantages at the hands of capable engineers, without you needing to […]

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Use These 6 Principles of Content Marketing Physics to Outpace the Competition

Updated July 16, 2018   Understanding content marketing by simply comparing it to something we’ve all studied in school – physics.  We’re not talking quantum physics, membrane theory or folding space… Just a straightforward way of coming to grips with content marketing by way of familiar physics basic concepts.   What is Content Marketing?   At its core, content marketing is nothing more than producing words that others will discover (and find interesting).  The hope is that through sharing informative, […]

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VPS Discount & VPS Coupon Promo Codes for Summer 2018

Updated July 12, 2018   Attention savvy shoppers, here’s a KnownHost blog exclusive – VPS discount and VPS coupon codes for this summer of 2018.  Save anywhere from 30% to 50% on selected hosting solutions now, including shared, cloud and virtual private servers.   All plans offered by KnownHost are 100% fully managed.  That means you’re not going to get an unconfigured server and left to figure out everything on your own!  Security, backups, migrations, DDoS protection – all come […]

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