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Requirements: This requires the mod_rewrite module in apache. This is enabled by default on all KnownHost systems. .htaccess files can be used in a website’s document root directory (ex. /home/user/public_html/) for redirecting web site visitors from one document within your web site to another. .htaccess rules are recursive meaning that rules written in /home/user/public_html/.htaccess will apply […]

If you receive the following error, you’ve edited your file with software that has added a BOM magic numbers to the file, which Apache cannot read: ‘\xef\xbb\xbf#’ is a ‘Unicode BOM(Byte Order Mark)’ and consists of invisible characters added by certain text editors like Notepad++, for instance. The BOM often functions as a magic number […]

Sendy Installation Mod_Rewrite Error You may be getting a warning regarding the Apache module mod_rewrite not enabled when preparing to install Sendy. Mod_Rewrite is enabled on Knownhost servers by default. You can check as root via SSH using the following command: You can also confirm this by adding a redirect to in your sendy […]