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How to configure Reseller Whitelabel nameservers?

Known Host offers exclusive white label reseller hosting for your business. You can opt for any of our Reseller Hosting packages and start with the same. If you already got yourself reseller hosting from us and looking for a guide on how to configure reseller Whitelabel nameservers, then this article is for you! Let’s get […]

Reseller Hosting Overview

At KnownHost, we’re not only here just to provide a webhosting package. We’re here to assist you as your Managed Provider in your endeavors. As such, should you ever need assistance you can always contact us. However, we know that there are times where you really just want to be able to do it yourself. […]

How to create a Reseller in DirectAdmin?

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DirectAdmin allows you to create Reseller Account, which can finally create an end-user account subject to assigned resources. Before you start creating the reseller in DirectAdmin, first learn How to create Reseller Package in DirectAdmin? Reseller hosting is popular in small business owners who want centralized management under one superuser as well as it is […]

Information about Backups and Restorations

We often get asked about the backups that we have on our various services such as VPS’s, Cloud Servers, Shared/Reseller other various services, things such as “how long do you keep them” or “how often are they taken”. The information composed here should answer all of your questions in regards to our backups.

However, if you feel like something wasn’t answered, feel free to reach out to us — we don’t bite. 🙂

Best Plugins to Improve a WordPress Site

Installing WordPress plugins often means searching for the best plugins to achieve your goals. However, “best” means different things to different people. Are you looking for plugins with the most features? Want the fastest loading times? Trying to get by without spending anything? You can add functionality, improve performance, make a site easier to manage […]


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In modern versions of cPanel/WHM, it is easier than ever to get free signed SSL Certificates for your domains! Since version 58, cPanel has had a feature called AutoSSL to automatically install for you Domain-Validated (DV) SSL certificates for your domains, to use in Apache, Dovecot, and Exim (i.e., the websites and email). The cPanel’s AutoSSL supports both […]

Installing an SSL Certificate

Before you can install your SSL certificate after purchase you need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and send it to your SSL vendor. If you purchased your SSL from KnownHost the CSR can be entered at my KnownHost panel. If you purchased your SSL certificate somewhere else you’ll enter it on the website where […]

Introduction to POP3 & IMAP

In this article; we’ll be going over the differences between POP3 and IMAP, as well as their use-case scenarios. One of the first things you should know is that both of these are what is called “Email Protocols”. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) POP3 (Post Office Protocol) These services are used for communication between a […]

How to Compress and Uncompress Files with cPanel

Introduction When transferring files to or from your server, it’s always best to compress them to make the transfer slightly smaller, and most importantly guard against corruption during the transfer process. What is compression? Any Windows, Linux and Apple computer are able to compress files. There are several different kinds of compression, but we’ll focus […]

How can I make a phpinfo file?

Occasionally, while troubleshooting issues with a site, it can be useful to see all in one place all the current configuration for php affecting a particular folder or file. This can be done with the php function phpinfo. Among other things, this function can tell you the currently loaded php modules, the currently loaded php settings, […]