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Gzip compresses the content before serving it to the requested client. Due to the compression of the files, its effectiveness accelerates the website performance to the next level. Learn, How to Enable Apache Gzip Compression (mod_deflate) in DirectAdmin ? How to check Gzip Compression status? Just like for every other apache server, you can use […]

How to Check Whether Gzip Compression is Working?

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We often have questions about testing for Gzip compression after someone tests their landing page. Gzip is most likely working. The issue is that the landing page comprises several types of data, and .htaccess rules may have only defined certain data to be compressed. If not everything on that landing page is compressed, it may […]

How to Enable Apache Gzip Compression (mod_deflate) in cPanel ?

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Enabling Gzip compression is one of the starting points of optimizing web pages’ delivery optimally. It also increases website performance and may land your website in the green zone of google page speed insight. Let’s learn, How to Enable Apache Gzip Compression (mod_deflate) in cPanel ? How to check Gzip Compression status? By default, Gzip […]

How to Compress and Uncompress Files with cPanel

Introduction When transferring files to or from your server, it’s always best to compress them to make the transfer slightly smaller, and most importantly guard against corruption during the transfer process. What is compression? Any Windows, Linux and Apple computer are able to compress files. There are several different kinds of compression, but we’ll focus […]