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We often have questions about testing for Gzip compression after someone tests their landing page. Gzip is most likely working. The issue is that the landing page comprises several types of data, and .htaccess rules may have only defined certain data to be compressed. If not everything on that landing page is compressed, it may […]

Configuring Win-SCP to upload files via FTP, sFTP

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Just like FileZilla, Win-SCP is one of the best, free, and the easy-to-use client to transfer files over sFTP and FTP protocol. In this article, we will go ahead and learn the simplest way of Configuring Win-SCP to upload files via FTP. Win-SCP is specifically designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system; it doesn’t support […]

There are two types of denial of service events. You have your denial of service(DoS) event and then your distributed denial of service event(DDoS). The difference between these two is how many connections are utilized during the attack. A DoS will use a single connection to hit a website, an example being “Slow Loris”. DDoS […]