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How to Install Python 3 on a VPS Server?

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Installing Python 3 on a VPS server is a relatively straightforward task that varies slightly based on the operating system behind the VPS. The steps below will assume you’ve logged in to a terminal session on the VPS. Let’s learn How to Install Python on a VPS Server?

The instructions in this section are intended for servers that are panel-less. Installing them on a server already running cPanel will break your cPanel installation.

If you need Python 3 installed and are a managed KnownHost customer, please contact our Support Department

Step 1 : Update Your Packages


sudo apt update


sudo yum update

Step 2 – Install Python 3.x


sudo apt install python3


sudo yum install python3

Step 3 – Confirm Installation

You should have successfully installed Python 3.x on your Linux server. To confirm the installation, run the following command in the terminal,



Now that we’ve gone over how to install python on the VPS server. We have covered the above methods for CentOS, Ubuntu, and the Debian Linux operating system. Except for any other error, you can confirm the python installation following step #3.

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