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cPanel and DirectAdmin: Development & Log Locations

cPanel and DirectAdmin both pioneer in integrating third-party apps to allow for more combined usage out of their panels. They do this by partnering with those developers to provide a robust platform that your average user could utilize for whatever project need that they have, we go over some of them below as well as […]

cPanel and DirectAdmin: SQL, DNS, Email, Backups & the rest

cPanel and Directadmin both offer the expected features such as SQL, DNS and Email. We’ll provide the basics and show the comparisons between the two panels. SQL DirectAdmin also supports MySQL version 8 where cPanel supports up to version 5.7 (current as of August 2019). Both panels store the SQL server’s configuration files at /etc/my.cnf. […]

cPanel and DirectAdmin: Webservers & PHP

cPanel and Directadmin both offer methods of implementing PHP and Webserver changes, modules and/or configurations. We’ll go into each respective methods of handling this and how they go about it while providing relevant information that you may or may not find as useful as we did. 🙂 The Webserver and PHP Implementation Because the PHP […]

cPanel and DirectAdmin: The basics

There are two well-known panels of the web hosting industry that provide a platform of tools to be utilized in the control and functioning of a server. We’ll be taking an in depth look at the differences between cPanel and DirectAdmin features, everything that they have to offer. The Graphical User Interface Both panels offer […]

Common CSF/LFD False Positives and How to Stop The Notifications

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It is worrisome when you receive a notification from the firewall regarding a suspicious process, especially for those processes that you do not readily recognize. That is why KnownHost has compiled a list of some common alerts that are mostly false positives and provided the instructions for stopping the notifications. This list is specific to […]

Introduction to CSF/LFD Notifications

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ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf) with Login Failure Daemon (lfd) is “A Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, Login/Intrusion Detection and Security application for Linux servers.”official page)) This comes pre-installed on our cPanel servers and has many useful features to assist you with detecting events which might be indicative of security issues in your server. If it […]

Email Best Practices: Mail Server Configuration

This section of the guide will help detail and explain the methods for how to set up proper mail server configuration. Configuring your mail server is an involved process, however, KnownHost is here to help. cPanel makes it easy to create email accounts for your domain, but it is your responsibility to ensure that they […]

An introduction to Email Best Practices

This article will be thoroughly detailed across the different areas of Email Best Practices; this page will focus on the different influences of email, what they do, and how they affect you. Email marketing is an integral component of many businesses, and KnownHost is here is to help you understand what is required in order […]

The design of an email is important to consider. A compelling email subject, or ‘call to action’, can determine whether or not the email is even opened by the recipient. A good design that mimics the design of your site will make the email more recognizable. Designing the actual email could involve configuring the correct […]