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cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit Overview

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WordPress is the #1 CMS being used by a wide range of audiences all over the internet. We at KnownHost have a specialized hosting solution called WordPress Hosting just for WordPress websites, which provides a robust infrastructure for your WordPress website, and the servers are fine-tuned as per WordPress requirements. This article will further discuss […]

Softaculous officially supports cloning and the staging for WordPress sites deployed through Softaculous. The best part of this feature is that you directly clone the whole website for a separate domain, or you can create a staging site to test out or work on the new updates before making it live on the production website. […]

WordPress is the #1 content management system being used worldwide due to its versatility and multipurpose nature. Changing the WordPress password using the traditional method might be a very long process. So, in this article, we will demonstrate how to change WordPress password using cPanel’s WordPress toolkit? 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( or […]

cPanel recently introduced the WordPress Toolkit to make the end-users tasks more hustle-free. One of the regularly used features is installing plugins. Learn how to install the WordPress plugin cPanel’s WordPress toolkit? 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( or 2. Navigate to Domains → WordPress Toolkit. 3. You can navigate to the required WordPress site […]

WordPress Plugin Blacklist

Category: WordPress
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WordPress is a very open and active ecosystem. Unfortunately, with many thousands of plugins available, some conflict with our system or negatively impact your website. In an effort to help your site run as well as possible, we’ve compiled a list of plugins that we do not allow on our network. We do our best […]

How To Install CLI For WordPress

Category: WordPress
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The WP-CLI is a very diverse toolset that can be installed at the command line for managing WordPress websites. If you’re familiar with using such tools at the command line level then the information to follow should be relatively easy. However, if this is not something you’ve done before then we hope this helps you […]

How can I upgrade WordPress?

Category: WordPress
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This article will cover a few different ways to upgrade your WordPress website. Please note that upgrading WordPress is considered developmental and any issues that may occurs as result, KnownHost can not be held responsible for. To check and see what version of WordPress you have installed, check out our How can I check what versions […]

How can I reset my WordPress admin password with MySQL?

Category: WordPress
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If you forget the admin password to your WordPress site, you may need to reset it. Although normally resetting the password can be done from within WordPress, that isn’t much help if the reason you need it changed is because you do not know the old one. Here, we go over how to change the WordPress […]

Best Plugins to Improve a WordPress Site

Installing WordPress plugins often means searching for the best plugins to achieve your goals. However, “best” means different things to different people. Are you looking for plugins with the most features? Want the fastest loading times? Trying to get by without spending anything? You can add functionality, improve performance, make a site easier to manage […]

3 Ways of How to Install WordPress Plugins Step by Step

There are three ways of installing WordPress plugins, two from within the WordPress Admin pages and one using file transfer such as FTP, SFTP or SCP. None of these are particularly more difficult than the other, but nevertheless, we’ll cover how to install WordPress plugins step by step using each of the methods listed. Method #A […]