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Best Plugins to Improve a WordPress Site

Installing WordPress plugins often means searching for the best plugins to achieve your goals. However, “best” means different things to different people. Are you looking for plugins with the most features? Want the fastest loading times? Trying to get by without spending anything? You can add functionality, improve performance, make a site easier to manage […]

3 Ways of How to Install WordPress Plugins Step by Step

There are three ways of installing WordPress plugins, two from within the WordPress Admin pages and one using file transfer such as FTP, SFTP or SCP. None of these are particularly more difficult than the other, but nevertheless, we’ll cover how to install WordPress plugins step by step using each of the methods listed. Method #A […]

There are hundreds of WordPress security plugins to choose from, with some trying to do one thing only and others trying to do it all. Given the fact that security plugins will often make fundamental changes to folder locations, database prefixes, user ID’s and enumeration obfuscate file locations and restrict login access, it’s always prudent […]