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Email Best Practices: Mail Server Configuration

This section of the guide will help detail and explain the methods for how to set up proper mail server configuration. Configuring your mail server is an involved process, however, KnownHost is here to help. cPanel makes it easy to create email accounts for your domain, but it is your responsibility to ensure that they […]

An introduction to Email Best Practices

This article will be thoroughly detailed across the different areas of Email Best Practices; this page will focus on the different influences of email, what they do, and how they affect you. Email marketing is an integral component of many businesses, and KnownHost is here is to help you understand what is required in order […]

The design of an email is important to consider. A compelling email subject, or ‘call to action’, can determine whether or not the email is even opened by the recipient. A good design that mimics the design of your site will make the email more recognizable. Designing the actual email could involve configuring the correct […]