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How to Check Server Memory Usage?

Category: Guides
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Every Linux administrator has a crucial job to monitor, manage and deploy the webserver and its services. RAM is one of the top priority components that Linux administrators take a look at frequently, using any monitoring tool or manual methods. There are a few different ways of accomplishing this, depending on your preference and system […]

View the body and/or header of a queued exim message

Category: cPanel
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Email headers are nothing but HTML snippet which contains information of the sender, recipient, email’s route. This article will learn how to view the body and the header of a queued Exim message. How to view exim queued email header? Use the following command to check the Exim email header, Example, How to view exim […]

How to connect with SSH?

If you’re looking to manage Linux operating system-based machines remotely, you can take the help of SSH protocol like we do RDP for Windows-based machines. In this article, we will be covering multiple platforms and a guide on how to connect with SSH? Windows For the Windows operating system, we don’t have a direct application […]

How can I change my SSH port?

Category: Technical Support
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The default SSH port on all Operating Systems is port 22. For security measures, KnownHost’s servers are configured to use port 2200. Changing your SSH port The server’s SSH configuration file is located here: /etc/ssh/sshd_config SSH into your server as the root user. ssh root@<ip address> -p 2200 Open the configuration file with your favorite text […]

SSH Key Generation

Category: Getting Started
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What is Secure Shell? Secure SHell (SSH), sometimes known as Secure Socket Shell, is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol for securely getting access to a remote computer. It is widely used by network and systems administrators to control Web and other kinds of servers remotely. Creating an SSH Key It is simple to create an […]