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View the body and/or header of a queued exim message

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Email headers are nothing but HTML snippet which contains information of the sender, recipient, email’s route. This article will learn how to view the body and the header of a queued Exim message.

How to view exim queued email header?

Use the following command to check the Exim email header,

exim -Mvh <Email message ID>



How to view exim queued email body?

For the email body, the command is similar. Just use a ‘b‘ for the body, rather than ‘h’ from the previous command,

exim -Mvb <Email message ID>
exim -mvb


Now that we’ve gone over how to view header and body for a queued Exim email. This is a standard practice which is performed by the server administrator to troubleshoot issues related to the email server.

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