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How to Setup an Email AutoResponder in cPanel?

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Autoresponder is the most beneficial feature that cPanel offers through which you can reply to received emails automatically. Take one example; it might be impossible to respond to every email you receive from a remote location if you are away from work. In that case, you can set up an autoresponder to let your senders know that you are away from work for a specific period. Furthermore, you can utilize the autoreponder feature usage on various occasions.

1. Log in to cPanel using Username Password.i.e; ( or

2. Navigate to EmailsAutoresponders.

3. You can find all the created autoresponders list; click on “Add Autoresponder” to setup new autoresponder.

4. Now, you need to fill all the fields to create a new autoresponder,

Character Set: You can select any character set to encoding the message. By default, it is utf-8.

Interval: This is the configured time in hours you can wait for autoresponder before sending auto reply to the recipient.

Email: Specify the username of your email address (Example: cory@, shwet@).

Domain: Select the domain of the email address.

From: Specify sender name.

Subject: Specify the subject of autoresponder mail.

This message contains HTML: Check this box if your email contains HTML.

Body: Enter your message body.

5. Also, you can configure Start and Stop Date & Time for the autoresponder.

6. Now, we need to save this configuration → Click on “Create“.


Now that we’ve gone over how to set up an autoresponder with step-by-step instructions, you should be able to create your own autoresponder within your cPanel account. Autoresponders allow you to set messages to be sent should you take a vacation, leave of absence or want to direct people to the new contact information on an older email.

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