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How to reinstall VPS operating system?

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Should you find yourself needing to wipe the slate clean and start over with your virtual server or perhaps you wish to try a different flavor of the operating system provided — you can use the reinstall VPS feature within the virtual server management portal. Reinstall VPS OS is useful for many different reasons such […]

CloudLinux | Installation & Setup – Part 2

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So far, in the first part, you have learned how to install and configure the CloudLinux OS as per the requirements for your shared server. In this particular part 2, we continue through each of the features CoudLinux offers, such as NodeJS, Python, PHP Selector, etc. PHP Selector PHP selector is one of CloudLinux OS’s […]

CloudLinux | Installation & Setup – Part 1

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CloudLinux is one of the best solutions for securing a shared hosting environment by isolating the file system and keeping the user’s process under the cage. Let’s learn how to set up CloudLinux and configure the CloudLinux properly on the Linux server. Compatibility CloudLinux Shared OS supports most operating systems supported by RHCEL/CentOS except the […]