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How to reinstall VPS operating system?

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The following information is intended for Unmanaged virtual servers.

Managed customers shouldn’t use this, reinstall at your own risk.

Should you find yourself needing to wipe the slate clean and start over with your virtual server or perhaps you wish to try a different flavor of the operating system provided — you can use the reinstall VPS feature within the virtual server management portal. Reinstall VPS OS is useful for many different reasons such as

  • Compromised server, need fresh start
  • Wanting a fresh start for different development stack
  • Broken configurations and better to start over

It should be noted that prior to performing any sort of reinstall, that if you need them then you should create and download backups of all of your data as nothing will be recoverable after this action is performed. Follow the below steps to learn how to reinstall VPS operating system,

1. First, login into Billing Portal ( with registered email address and password.

enter username and password

2. In the Navigation tray, you can find the option “Services” click on that or you can navigate to Dashboard  Click on Services.

navigate to services knownhost billing portal

3. Locate the VPS  Click on Manage.

click on manage vps to view vps node

4. Navigate to Control Panel.

navigate to control panel of the vps

5. Scroll down a bit, Navigate to Install.

navigate to install vps

6. Select Operating System and enter the desired root password,

The following operating systems are currently available for Unmanaged servers.

  • AlmaLinux 8.
  • CentOS 7
  • CentOS 8
  • Ubuntu 16
  • Ubuntu 18
  • Ubuntu 20
  • Debian 9
  • Debian 10
  • Debian 11
how to reinstall operating system for vps

7. Finally, click on Reinstall.

how to reinstall operating system for vps

8. System will ask for the last confirmation, click on Ok to proceed.

confirmation reinstall os

It will take some time to rebuild the VPS with the newly selected operating system. Once that is done, you can access the VPS using the configured password.


Now that we’ve gone over it, how to reinstall VPS operating system using the KnownHost control panel? Again, this article is only intended for Unmanaged services; managed services customers should consult our team before performing any such tasks.

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