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The following instructions have you logging in as admin initially just in case you need to enable the DSN Control option for the user. If the user’s account doesn’t have the MX Records menu in DirectAdmin, you will need to enable this option. Learn, How To Configure Your DirectAdmin Server To Use a Remote Mailserver […]

How to Change the Outgoing Mail IP in DirectAdmin?

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Occasionally with reseller hosting, one client can cause problems if the accounts are not sufficiently isolated from one another. One such case is when one client becomes hacked with spam-sending malware and causes the outgoing mail IP to become blocked. The correct approach to take is to immediately do whatever it takes to stop the […]

How To Configure Email On A iPhone

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This documented walk-through is provided as a courtesy to assist those who need it for configuring their iPhone devices to work with KnownHost services, but it can be used as a general reference for other mail services. Please be aware that troubleshooting and configuring of third party applications is not within the scope of support […]

Introduction to POP3 & IMAP

In this article; we’ll be going over the differences between POP3 and IMAP, as well as their use-case scenarios. One of the first things you should know is that both of these are what is called “Email Protocols”. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) POP3 (Post Office Protocol) These services are used for communication between a […]

Testing Remote SMTP / Mail Server Connections

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When attempting to resolve mail server errors/issues, being able to test the connection to a remote SMTP server is a critical step. Testing a remote SMTP / mail server connection should be done from both a local machine (computer) and the server experiencing the issue. If a connection can be made from both locations, the […]