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How to configure Reseller Whitelabel nameservers?

Known Host offers exclusive white label reseller hosting for your business. You can opt for any of our Reseller Hosting packages and start with the same. If you already got yourself reseller hosting from us and looking for a guide on how to configure reseller Whitelabel nameservers, then this article is for you! Let’s get started!

Once you make any changes within the domain’s DNS, it takes 24-48 hours for the propagation. To learn more about DNS propagation read What is DNS propagation delay?.

Setup Glue Records / Child Nameservers

First of all, when you complete the reseller hosting purchase, you should receive an email with the Subject “New KnownHost Service Activated”. You can either use the mentioned white-label nameservers and or set up your nameservers with two IP addresses associated with the white-labeled nameservers (please check the details below). : :

How can I setup these glue records?

Well! It varies as per the registrar. Following are the most popular registrar guide you can follow to register glue records,

Setup A Record

Once you are done creating Glue Record / Child Nameserver, you need to configure the A record with the nameserver’s IP addresses to make it a point. You can follow the below article to know the step-by-step guide on configuring A form (Make sure two add both nameservers and their respective IP addresses),

How to add DNS records in cPanel?

If you are using the CloudFlare follow the below steps,

Manage DNS records

Or, if you are using the default nameservers of your domain registrar, in that case, you need to Navigate to Domain’s DNS Setting  Add A Record.

Configure Custom Nameservers in WHM

After creating glue record/child nameservers; then configuring the A records, you are ready to use your custom nameservers. If you have already hosted domains under WHM, use the created custom nameservers within the domain’s DNS setting. If you are KnownHost customer then follow: How to update nameservers in KnownHost?

Known Host offers customers an option within the WHM control panel to configure their custom nameservers. All the newly created cPanel accounts will be deployed using the same nameservers. To know the producer of configuring custom nameservers in WHM, follow the below article,

How to configure custom name servers in WHM?


Now that we’ve gone over to configure Reseller Whitelabel nameservers with a step-by-step guide from setup Glue Records to Configuring the custom nameservers within WHM. This is one of the most demanded articles from our reseller, and here we are! KnownHost’s reseller hosting has a 100% Whitelabel infrastructure, and you can use our Whitelabel nameservers without any issues. Still, if you are looking for a custom nameserver solution, this article might have helped you either way. Also, we covered the Difference between parent and authoritative nameservers article explaining how DNS works and the difference between parent and authoritative nameservers.

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